Zirca will launch 3 content marketing related products in the next two years: Neena Dasgupta, CEO & Director, Zirca Digital Solutions

Zirca Digital Solutions launched a native advertising management platform, ContentdB, on Wednesday

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Published: Jul 20, 2017 8:10 AM  | 4 min read

Zirca Digital Solutions on Wednesday launched a native advertising management platform, ContentdB. The platform is designed to help manage content campaigns across multiple discovery, social, search networks and publishers.

ContentdB is a dashboard interface, which brings all campaign reports in one place to ascertain how the users respond to the same information differently, thus, allowing brand marketers to optimise and make their investment give better results. This technology that has been created in-house by Zirca Digital Solutions gives marketers access to a one-stop destination to understand the performance of all their native advertising content.

We caught up with Neena Dasgupta, CEO and Director, Zirca Digital Solutions on the sidelines of the launch. Dasgupta shared her thoughts on the crucial importance of a management platform for native advertising and the road ahead for Zirca. Edited excerpts of the interview:

How and when did you identify the need for a product like ContentdB?

My primary need for a product like this arose when we were doing a content amplification campaign for a partner and ourselves. I realised that there was no platform that could offer a cohesive and integrated view of one campaign. I had to go through reports of various campaigns to actually understand the impact of the whole campaign. I researched the market and realised that is the pain for any other marketer as well.

How will ContentdB solve this problem?

Earlier marketers had to go to their campaign reports from say a Taboola or an Outbrain and optimise their campaigns within those platforms. Now with ContentdB they will have all the information on one single platform. They will now get a comprehensive view of the campaign and see which platform and what content is working better for them. This tool is not just a dashboard; it also has the ability to execute a campaign. Marketers can still buy the audience of an Outbrain, Gemini or Taboola, and execute and optimise the entire campaign on this one platform. It is a dashboard plus a unified buying option. ContentdB is our first step towards becoming a solution-oriented company in the content space.  

Where else are you launching ContentdB?

We haven't found the same product category anywhere. In the US, there is probably one or two on the same lines but not exactly the same. We will be launching in South East Asia next month. We will be present in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. We are also in talks with someone in Australia. We are looking at resellers in these markets. We will not consider any other market right now; our focus is on the APAC region. For now, we will spend our resources on establishing this product and building on it.

What does the content marketing space in India look like right now?

The content marketing space is definitely growing in India. However, currently its growth is coming from brands that are using it for performance marketing. Currently, the share of content marketing is coming from performance budgets and it is probably in the range of 6–7%. The market is going to move towards leveraging content marketing for engaging in a conversation, for building a brand and for strategic purposes. That movement will hit India in the next two years. It will start with brands that are deep in nature and have low appeal from a consumer perspective, maybe a Cisco, an Oracle or GE. Someone who needs to talk of a refined technology. Those are the industries that will heavily invest in content.

It is a matter of time before companies like ours become the one-stop-shop for all the content marketing needs of a marketer with the skills and tools for editorial, creative, account planning, servicing and media planning. And that’s where we see the market progressing. Many brands will have a content strategy and content-based shops that are helping them.

What is next in the pipeline?

We are launching a content intelligence mapping and planning tool based on psychographic profiles in two months. Content consumption in relation to psychographic profiling; we are moving away from demographics.

In all, we are going to have three products in the next two years. All of the products will be related to the content space; one of them is going to be in the digital communication space. It will merge advertising and content.

With these upcoming launches we are going to look for Series A funding at the end of this year. In the last 4–5 years, this company has funded itself. We already have very interesting proposals coming our way even without going into the market.

Where do you see Zirca by 2020?

We are growing well and we are moving towards the goal that we have set for ourselves for 2020. We wish to be a complete digital communication platform. We have crossed every milestone that we needed to achieve to accomplish that goal. We are absolutely in the right direction and maybe even a little ahead of time.

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