We want to be India's answer to Airbnb: Amarendra Sahu, NestAway Technologies

Sahu, Co-founder & CEO NestAway Technologies, talks about the company's recent rebranding, marketing plans, the home rental space and why he thinks they may just be India’s answer to Airbnb

e4m by Christina Moniz
Updated: Feb 7, 2019 8:32 AM
Amrendra Sahu NestAway

NestAway Technologies, positioned as the ‘managed home rental network’ offers urban residents across India a host of house rental solutions. The brand recently changed their logo, branding, and communication across internal and external stakeholders, bringing out the ‘human’ element in real estate. In an interview, Amarendra Sahu, Co-founder and CEO NestAway Technologies tells us more about the new brand positioning and much more.

What was the insight behind the rebranding exercise for Nestaway Technologies?

We started this company in 2015 as a solution for people looking for homes in cities. There are numerous hurdles people encounter when trying to rent a place to stay – these could be cultural, religious, profession related, or even gender related. Other concerns also include things like finance or inability to get a deposit in place. Our endeavour was to simplify the entire housing process. As a category, the home rental space is pretty black and white. The new rebranding communication is all about highlighting the human element when it comes to housing, to allow people to feel at home in a new city and feel less like a ‘foreigner’. We want to be India’s answer to Airbnb, but with a focus on housing and allowing people to choose their own idea of a home. That is our USP after all, and that is what we wanted to highlight. The rebranding will, therefore, provide a new, people-focused narrative to real estate as a sector.

Are we going to see any new campaigns being rolled out by the brand any time soon?

Our campaigns will largely be digital-led. We are trying, in fact, to reach out to customers through targeted messaging rather than larger-than-life advertising. Our communication campaigns will be more strategic, so we won’t just be making a lot of noise for the sake of it. Our brand is about solving a housing problem, so we will take our time and strategically roll out communication. We don’t want to go to the customer and tell him how great we are.

What is the kind of presence you have in India at the moment?

At the moment, we are present in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Pune, and Hyderabad. The basic focus of our initiative was to make urban housing easier for all.

How do you keep your rents competitive and affordable for consumers?

So for most people in a city like Mumbai, you might be paying a rent of over Rs 60,000 monthly for a two BHK house. We have made things a little simpler and offered the consumer solutions that are easy on the pocket. For example, a group of four or five friends could get together and rent the same apartment paying one fourth the amount. Aside from this option, we also allow consumers to rent entire apartments or rooms. The process of choosing and moving into a home is less cumbersome and there is no concern about gathering funds for a deposit. Our role is to make the process easy while also vetting both parties – the homeowners and the tenants.

What other players in the category do you view as competition?

I think we are competing more with the offline world really. In the online world, what we do is very different from other players in the same space. Our plan is not about making real estate sexy or offering something fancy with wonderful amenities. We just want to make housing easy for all. Homes are more about people than expensive décor, at the end of the day.


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