Songdew Play to help brands establish a ‘sound’ identity  

Sandip Tarkas, Director Songdew, talks about the platform’s latest B2B service that offers curated playlists to help brands enhance customer engagement & in-store experience 

e4m by Beryl Menezes
Updated: Dec 28, 2018 8:24 AM

Songdew, a platform which hosts some of India’s best independent musicians and their music, has launched Songdew Play, a B2B service offering for brands looking for an exclusive sonic strategy for better customer engagement and experience. 

The move is aimed at enhancing a brand’s identity through music.

Sandip Tarkas, Director Songdew, said, “We all tend to react to and establish an emotional connect with the kind of sound we hear and that provides huge opportunities for brands to build a strategy for creating a brand experience around music. Once we have carved out the sonic strategy and identity for the brand, we use the large pool of existing talent on the site to create the kind of music required.” 

This involves making a playlist of carefully selected music created by some the best musicians and bands in India aligned with the brand’s identity, which can help influence a customer’s mood, buying behaviour and brand perception in a positive way. 

For instance, Songdew Play collaborated with Fabindia recently to establish a stronger connect with the youth of the country through music. Based on the brief, a mood board was created to establish the brand’s sonic identity, following which musicians were invited to create music based on the mood board. Some of the best musicians from across India submitted their music and the curated playlist is currently being played in all the retail stores of Fabindia. 

Apart from Fabindia, Songdew is also working with a fashion retail brand, a hypermarket brand, a 5-star hotel chain and a leading coffee shop chain for Songdew Play. 

According to Tarkas, the key USP that Songdew Play offers is the fact that it curates music for a brand specific to its needs, instead of just selling the brand a collection of songs from a readymade library on its platform. This not only helps brands get a voice but also provides visibility for the 33,000 registered musicians on Songdew’s platform. 

Pricing for the service ranges from as little as Rs 200 to Rs 20,000, depending on the number of outlets, store size and type of music, among other parameters. The minimum package is one year, with a monthly payable fee, although Songdew has been offering a three-month pilot for certain brands as well, based on their requirement. 

Songdew Play is a language-agnostic platform with a wide range of music available across languages. 

Going forward, Tarkas said Songdew will be available on more platforms soon and is also looking to launch a music-on-demand service in a month’s time. 

“Just as visual strategy is consistent across all touch points for any brand, the sonic strategy should also be consistent across all ‘ear points’. Given the highly competitive environment wherein brands are struggling to establish their identity, music as a part of the overall brand experience will become an important tool to stand out from the competition,” Tarkas added. 

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