LinkedIn's Penry Price Discusses Marketing in the Post-Trust World

Penry Price, Vice-President, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn, offers tips and talks about differentiators between key social media platforms

e4m by Akshata R Murthy
Updated: Nov 15, 2017 8:59 AM

When technology invades all possible sectors, it comes with its pros and cons. With online fraud and fake products and services becoming increasingly common in this digital era, social media platforms have to always take a leap forward to remain credible.

At Tech Connect, a recent event organised by LinkedIn, the subject of ‘Marketing in the post-trust world’ was chosen for discussion. Penry Price, Vice-President, Marketing Solutions, at LinkedIn threw light on a number of current issues such as fake news, fraud profiles on popular social media platforms, and the lack of privacy and security.

He also pointed out ways in which LinkedIn provides a safer and more efficient social media platform compared to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Some differentiators he mentioned were the ways in which an image posted by a user is taken by the contacts (connections and friends) of the user on each of the platforms. When the comments about the image on one platform were informal and came with a number of emojis, GIFs and emoticons, the same on LinkedIn was that of support and “setting an example for the future,” which according to Penry was professional and safer.

Enumerating how the professional mindset is markedly different, Penry spoke on the topics or issues that were trending on a few social media platforms on the day of the event. While one social media platform had Raghuram Rajan, Hyderabad City Police, Ryan International School, Prakash Raj, Yamuna Expressway and Delhi Metro trending, #KetchupBan, #Breathofdeath, #Twitter280characters, #ChaloKerala, #Tom-Mayo, and #RyanMurderCoverup trended on another site. Meanwhile, LinkedIn discussed the following topics in its newest editorial property, the Daily Rundown - ‘Is the 40-hour work week dead?’, ‘Uber’s big makeover', ‘How popularity works at a workplace’, ‘Amazon’s Key Service’, ‘Political skill required in tech now’, and ‘Workplace surveillance is on the rise now.’

Penry went on to speak about the five pillars of digital trust, which are content, communication, community, continuity, and context. “About 60 per cent of consumers prefer a human voice which is more trustworthy. Community is something that people want to be part of and trust. 70 per cent of consumers say they prefer to get to know a brand through constant communication rather than campaigns. In the end, people should think about context as well as content,” he said.

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