How OPPO Mobile India urged people to #SeizeTheNight during the holiday season

OPPOMobile India’s #SeizeTheNight Twitter campaign enabled users to virtually experience the holiday season in different destinations whilst keeping the product – OPPO R17 Pro- in focus

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Updated: Mar 20, 2019 8:23 AM
Oppo Seize The Night

With the #OPPOR17Pro being launched in early December 2018, OPPO Mobile India (@oppomobileindia) engaged with people by leveraging the holiday season to create interest around their new smartphone. Based on the understanding that Twitter timelines light up with festive cheer during the last year of the month, OPPO Mobile India came up with their own innovative interpretation of driving engagement around the key feature of the #OPPOR17Pro: the Camera. The campaign took place from 22nd December 2018 to 31st December 2018.

The main objectives of this campaign using Twitter:

  • Create awareness and drive engagement around the newly launched #OPPOR17Pro.
  • Position #OPPOR17Pro as the smartphone with the best camera capabilities by associating it with festive celebrations around the world.

The main strategy of OPPOMobile India’s #SeizeTheNight campaign enabled people to virtually experience the holiday season in different destinations across the world whilst keeping the product – OPPO R17 Pro- in focus.

The campaign used a Conversational Card to invite people to choose the destination they would like to #SeizeTheNight in during the holiday season, with the promise of the most engaging Tweet winning an #OPPOR17Pro. People could pick one of the four options: Barcelona, Milan, Singapore, and Malaysia. On Tweeting their destination choice, people were in for a surprise as they received a response from @oppomobileindia, featuring images of their chosen destination decked up for the festive season, clicked on #OPPOR17Pro mobile phones.

The personalised experience was crucial to the approach taken for the campaign as people who tweeted using the country/city specific hashtags had an opportunity to engage with the content clicked by OPPO R17 Pro. People who engaged with the Tweet, received an auto-response Tweet from the brand handle consisting of country/city specific pictures for OPPO Mobile India phones, thereby giving OPPO an opportunity to not only to engage with their target audience but also showcasing R17’s power camera.

Best Practices:

  • Clear and actionable call out: Use of a Conversational Card to prompt people to engage with the Tweet by choosing one of the four options led to high engagement due to a clear Call to Action.
  • Personalisation is the key: Personalised experience for the people on engaging with the Tweet helped establish a deeper relationship with fans. “People come to Twitter with a discovery mindset and are very receptive to targeted brand messages. Through their #SeizeTheNight campaign, OPPO Mobiles India succeeded in being a part of the festive conversations by developing a campaign in sync with the holiday season. By providing personalized responses to fans who interacted with the Conversational card, the OPPO R17 Pro #SeizeTheNight campaign took the engagement level to a new high while creating an exciting and immersive user experience which is possible only on Twitter.” said Kanika Mittal, Business Head, LCS, North and East, Twitter India.

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