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Know how TechManch 2019 can help marketers utilise data analytics

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Updated: May 27, 2019 2:37 PM
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The most important and critical success factor of any business of today is Data. Social media sites, IoT devices, financial institutions and retail shops are working as data generation factories. The data generated by these factories is used for cross-selling, improving user experience and increasing customers buying rate. The analysis is also used for driving and creating new products and use cases.

The actions from big data analytics can be business transformative.

Marketers today are on the go and keep trying various tools and techniques to work towards getting their brands and sales better. They have been now exploring the data side of the world. Data Analytics is the new tool that helps organizations to capture and target consumers better which gives them better sales.

What is Data Analytics & What can Data do?
Data analytics tools collect and report data on how people interact with your website. Most data analytics software gives businesses access to hundreds of standard reports, metrics, and dimensions right out of the box. You learn which marketing channels send people to your website, where they land, where they go and how long they spend on your website.

Why are businesses moving towards Data Analytics
“Data is the new oil”, which means data is one of the most crucial resources towards achieving success. Marketers today are getting productive in selling their brand. Now the question arises here is how.

Data analytics is such a powerful medium that it helps us reach a lot more closely to the consumers. Today every organization globally focuses at getting to be consumer-centric. The Data Analytic tools help us in tracking down customer interest from various domains and helps in generation of ideas that align with their needs and demands. Hence Data in Businesses is the key to success.

How is TechManch 2019 going to help you with data analytics?
TechManch 2019 is the most-awaited platform to learn from the best in the industry and share your experiences. TechManch Event 2019 will help us “unleash the full potential of data analytics through digital marketing”.

TechManch 2019 is a two-day event with over 50 speakers and master classes to fuel up digital marketing initiatives to be far more lucrative and bring a whole lot of profit optimization to your businesses.

Get Ready And Book Your Seats now for #e4mIDMA #TechManch 2019 to be held in June this year and get ready to “unleash the full potential of Data Analytics in your organization”.


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