Customers' approach to the entire buying process has changed: Pavan Chandra, Oracle India

Oracle India believes that marketing has entirely evolved because of the change in the buying process of customers

e4m by Akshata R Murthy
Updated: Oct 23, 2017 8:41 AM

With tough competition in the IT space, marketing of any company has to be rather innovative these days. When asked as to what is the key to successfully marketing Oracle, Pavan Chandra, Senior Sales Director – CX Applications, Oracle India, said that their focus on providing customers end-to-end solutions and having repeat customers is the company’s secret. He also gave insights on the changing face of marketing in India. Excerpts:
In which of the industries have you been particularly observing momentum for digital marketing?
We’ve been seeing traction pretty much across the sphere but there are some low hanging fruits, e-commerce being one of them. It is something that we’ve been working very closely with. We have also been seeing some pretty good traction in the retail space and have also got a strong foundation in the financial space. There’s, of course, the manufacturing and automobile space too.
Some of the players we’ve been working with very closely with are Myntra, Genpact, Tech Mahindra, Ferns & Petals, to name a few. These customers have seen success and are also keen to be reference-able with us now. 
What is your take on the changing face of marketing in India?
All of marketing since time immemorial has revolved around customers. Customer has changed the way they buy stuff. If you look at any sphere, the way the customer approaches the entire buying process has changed and more and more customers are taking cognizance of this change and are embarking on this journey which we would like to call their digital transformation. Today 250 million people on the planet have access to the internet. This itself is changing the way things happen and the way customers buy. A lot of times, the buying process is done long before he comes to you.
We at Oracle have identified three stages in this entire marketing structure. First is when you don’t know who the customer is. Then you know something about the customer like his age group, location but not all details, only a few. The third step is when there is a customer and you know everything that you need to know about him. 
What do you think gives Oracle an edge compared to other players in the same space?
Other players look at it as a niche while we look at it as a holistic customer experience journey. We give the entire width of solution from the time you don’t know who your customer is, all the way through the sales cycle to when he is a happy repeat-buying customer. This has now become a very important part, of keeping the customer happy and making him a reference point. There are very few players who do this. I may have competition for each of the things we do separately but we are an integrated service provider. We have niche competition. We have competition at the lower end of the market. 
How can marketers cut through all the noise and make an impact with social media marketing?
Everyone has a Facebook page and they say, “I now have a social presence." They have their Twitter handle and their website up and feel that the job is done. But before you know it, everybody’s got one. The key is to differentiate yourself among the clutter and how you do it with utmost efficiency. 
How is cloud computing changing marketing?Traditionally the way marketers reached out, if you look at the share of spend within marketing, it was newspapers and TV and this still is a large chunk. If you look at the growth in digital spends, it is growing exponentially. This is only going to grow from strength to strength because this is cost effective and you’re able to get the right message to the right people very quickly.

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