Cat's Meow! New Honda Jazz ad campaign earns 27 million hits in just 24 hours

Turning creativity into powerful business, Dentsu One creates a new video campaign for Honda Jazz

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Updated: Aug 21, 2018 8:57 AM

Today, if marketing has to be anything, it must be viral! With the incredible growth of the Internet at unprecedented rates, every company wants to make a video that will take the world by storm.

Having said that, leveraging influencers on YouTube is not as simple as it sounds. It isn’t easy to get noticed among 100,000 hours of YouTube videos and 125,406 videos being viewed every second on YouTube. Add to that, the 500 million new tweets which hits the internet every day. While all of these are facts, Honda Jazz in collaboration with its creative agency Dentsu One, claims to define the sweet smell of success with its viral video featuring a ‘cat’ as a marketing tool managed to receive a whopping 27 million hits all in a day’s time. Ever wondered how the numbers got here?

From vintage ads, to making the next grumpy cat ad campaign, there are an array of products that have gone viral using cat imagery to tell brand stories like no human can. Starting with cigarettes, chocolates, carpets to cars and electronic data systems, all have re-imagined the popular brand character for the age of social media. Be it the charming or funny nature of a cat or the snobbish image behind it, cats have an emotional appeal which connects users to the products instantly. And Honda has clearly employed this concept by personifying a snobbish cat, scoffing at mere mortals (read humans), but then is intensely impressed with the New Honda Jazz to navigate human chaos and deliver a stellar experience. So with the latest upgrade, the challenge was to make the communication just as unique and differentiated to showcase the brand new campaign- Sexy in a new light.

However, while cats may have a short history in advertising, it is crucial to use any tool efficiently to pass on the brand message to its users. In order to make a great video campaign choosing a specific time to release the video, when one is in need of less overall views to top the YouTube leader boards in the chosen category, is of higher significance. While this is effective, creating an additional marketing dope during the first 24 hours in order to show YouTube algorithms high rates of views, likes contents and shares. While these are some of the many ways to capture viewership, Honda certainly must have resorted to an elaborate plan in order to claim the ad campaign's hits touching a 27 million mark within a day.

Talking about the campaign, Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu One, said, “A lot of brands employ celebrities to endorse their products. We thought let’s get the coolest them of all - Billi Jean! Jokes apart, we thought a cat was a good idea to launch the quirky attitude of the new Jazz. We are pleased that the communication has been received so well. We look forward to many more Jazz cars on road soon”

Abhinav Kaushik, Executive Vice President, Dentsu One, said, “In a category full of models that sell on bells and whistles, the new Honda Jazz with its anti-ordinary personality has used the 'cat' to mock the set conventions and notions with an execution that is memorable and uncharacteristic.”

Marketing mix for the campaign included a combination of press, outdoor, online and social media push.


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