Building online communities helps in developing a global customer base: Vicky Ahuja, Baggit

He hints at future campaigns being more season specific and adhering to the economic, political and business environment of the country and the category dynamics

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Updated: Nov 7, 2017 8:33 AM

With digital foraying into most things related to branding, the marketing ecosystem of several companies has changed significantly. According to Vicky Ahuja, Director, Marketing & Sales, Baggit, it is now a mandate for brands to build upon their online communities. He also talks about Baggit’s differentiating elements, major marketing activities and future plans. Excerpts:

With quite a few players in the handbags space, how do you make sure your brand stands out through marketing activities?

There are many tenets of differentiation which make us stand out- product range, pricing, designs (in-house) and brand strategy. As a market leader, we indulge in marketing activities which create conversations across touch bases. About our new monthly collections, they are being shot virtually every month-on-month basis. We co-create content with customers so that they drive our brand.

What exactly is Baggit’s marketing strategy?

As a brand, we are always on our toes, researching about trends and the potential gaps in the market. Product strategy, marketing strategy and consumer experience strategy are the key components for ensuring a rise in brand equity. We make sure that our products are contemporary and modern in style. That fills in the latent demand of the globally travelled Indian consumer which in turn is being marketed across the ecosystem on a month-on-month basis in both, online and offline modes. This content marketing effort has built a unique and loyal following of the brand.

Our marketing strategy consists of a few tenets which keep us ahead in the industry. Baggit takes keen interest in listening to its customers and hence resolves their queries and doubts in the shortest time expected. We keep ourselves busy by experimenting with new online and the offline marketing platforms and doing regular blogger meets. We invest in building fruitful partnerships across the ecosystems like the one with Zivame, which gave me an opportunity to cater to their audience and helped both brands to grow together.

With technology playing a major role and digital coming into the big picture, how are the marketing plans of companies undergoing a shift?

Digital marketing and big data is the new in and the emerging picture for all of us now. With technology changing and getting upgraded at every second and minute, it is very important to understand the flow of the current. Building online communities has been a must for the brands since a few years. This helps the brands in identifying the loyal customers and reward them accordingly with better consumer services. The structure of the budget goes through a transformation based on online dynamics. This helps in reaching out to the international communities too and in developing a global customer base. Moving forward, we are looking at investing resources in multimedia content and mobile platforms.

Compared to others in the market, you seem to be relatively quiet on the marketing front, your views on this.

Let me help everyone in abandoning this myth. We, as a brand are present across media, barring television, because our huge emphasis is high on marketing ROI. Our approach is towards focused marketing initiatives in terms of CRM, international shoots, creation of quality digital content, etc. We are continuously engaged in collaborating with online communities, discovering relevant channels and geography to conduct focused campaigns which prove to raise the brand equity. We have come to realise that branded ecosystem across retail environment brings in a huge brand recall that is time and again proven in our internal research. Our association with Lakme Fashion Week and regular bloggers meet are few of the pillars to raise the brand equity.

Which according to you are some path-breaking marketing activities that you’ve done so far?

We at Baggit endeavour to do something new, every year. The last year focus had been on further consolidating the brand so we took ahead the ‘IT’ brand proposition in a manner that captures the ethos and attitude of contemporary Indian women who live life on their own terms and make choices for themselves. Our idea was to put forth the campaign’s true essence and connect amongst the millennials of this generation. We interacted with the Indian consumer through various media ranging from OOH, print, activations, digital etc. where we focused on digital media in an innovative fashion to reach out to young India. Below are our few path-breaking activities:

  • Baggit ran a five week campaign where Baggit bag/s travelled in the real and virtual world in metro cities of India
  • Baggit reached an audience of 2.4 Million with 5.5 Million impressions on the day of the initiation of the campaign through Indian bloggers
  • The activity trended once every week on Twitter and Baggit cumulatively reached 10 Million
  • We celebrated the Moods of Indian Women through our “Guess the Mood” contest where the winner was awarded a fashion trunk full of Baggit bags that would last for the entire year
  • We do fashion shoots regularly to deliver market trends and product portfolio to our audience. We had developed a campaign where we let our audience be representatives of the brand by letting them be part our fashion shoots
  • Our Facebook community is followed by half a million audience and the numbers are growing every day

Tell us about your future marketing plans.

Our key emphasis remains on the maintenance of our current approach which is discussed in the previous answers, with a focus on the online or digital space. Our future campaigns will be more season specific, adhering to the economic, political and business environment of the country and the category dynamics.

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