BPL to unleash a new marketing campaign around Diwali to cash in on the festive season

BPL is back in the game with a new range of products after a long hiatus. The Head of corporate strategy says that marketing will play a prominent role for the brand in the upcoming months than it ever did in the past.

e4m by Akshata R Murthy
Updated: Aug 29, 2017 8:13 AM

Yesteryear brand BPL is all set to launch a new marketing campaign this Diwali. The brand has made a comeback this year and will continue to focus on the same motto of manufacturing the best quality of electronic products that it is known for. BPL has already launched on Amazon.in with a few products like television sets, washing machines, air conditioners and microwave ovens.

Talking about the online launch, Manmohan Ganesh, Head of Corporate Strategy at BPL said, “After many years, we are coming back to this business. I want to provide the same quality because I don’t want to compromise on the standards we have set. At the same time, I want BPL products to be attractive and present. I don’t want the 10-year-old situation where BPL products were 20 per cent costlier than the rest just because it was built better. The strategy is ‘how do I give 20 per cent better quality but at the same price?’ In order to eliminate a few costs, we decided to go online. We wanted to have the best, so we chose Amazon to be our partners here.”

When asked about the new marketing strategy, Ganesh said, “The customers were different back then. The customers today want the brand to be more relevant and that’s the key area we plan to tackle in the next two months. If a person believes in the brand then everything at home can be a BPL product. ‘Your home by BPL’ is still something that we strongly believe in and are working on. Our marketing campaign for Diwali is on similar lines. We are conducting a small exercise and have shortlisted a few creative agencies to work on some projects. Since we are in the online space and not in a physical store, the concern that many will have is that ‘What if I want to touch and feel the product?’ So a lot of marketing activities in the coming months are going to be on-ground. We are working on creating a mobile experience centre per se.”

Speaking about the past of this company, Ganesh said, “BPL was a weak marketing company. Nobody believed marketing to be an important aspect of a company culturally. According to us, if the quality of the product is good then word of mouth itself will get the product moving. And that is exactly what happened to us. We have believed in serving customers with the highest quality products keeping in mind the weather and demographics of India where the product might be used. When the competition started coming in, they started doing large-scale marketing activities and one of them was dropping prices. We were in a situation where we had to choose whether to sell the product or drop the quality. And we didn’t want to compromise on the quality standard we had set for ourselves,” he said.

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