‘Aim to become the fastest beauty brand to hit Rs 100 cr revenue rate in next 12 months’

Priyanka Gill, Co-Founder, The Good Glamm Group & Founder and CEO, POPxo-Plixxo talks about tapping into the suncare category, latest campaign, revenue targets and more

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Published: Jul 8, 2022 8:34 AM  | 6 min read

The suncare category in India is a Rs 600-crore market and, therefore, witnesses a large number of new entrants trying to make a mark in this segment. Recently, POPxo, a part of The Good Glamm Group, launched its new range of suncare products with a digital campaign #EkDoTeenApplyPOPxoSunscreen that encourages consumers to wear sunscreen without any excuses.

On the occasion of this launch, Priyanka Gill, Co-Founder, The Good Glamm Group & Founder and CEO, POPxo-Plixxo, shared insights behind tapping into the suncare category, the campaign, revenue targets, content-to-commerce journey, suncare market in India and more.

Edited Excerpts:

Please share the insight and inspiration behind the launch of this product. What objectives have you set for this new launch?

POPxo is a brand built by users and for users and for everything we do, we put the user requirements and user demand first. After we launched our make-up and nail kits and they were well received by the audience as a concept, we were looking at what other habits would we like our users to have or should they have and that quest ended with sunscreen. The POPxo suncare range was thought about as the first-ever sunscreen a young woman should use.

While every dermatologist we've ever spoken to has suggested that everyone should wear sunscreen every single day, in India, suncare is a very seasonal category. Sunscreen is something you should wear every single day, regardless of whether you're inside or outside. To protect against even blue light from our screens that we use all day long inside, you need to be wearing sunscreen for that. Keeping that in mind, we went to the user and asked them what is preventing them from using sunscreen every single day. Based on the insights that we received, we formulated our range of sunscreen with the aim to build a habit of using sunscreen every single day.

What was the insight behind the #EkDoTeenApplyPOPxoSunscreen campaign? What is the promotion strategy for this campaign? 

For this campaign, we looked at how traditionally products were launched back in the day and how kind of television ads were made. We wanted to reinvent that for the Gen Z and brainstormed on how to do that. We’ve used an old format like the ad jingles and the way the film has been shot is kind of a little bit nostalgic but it's attracting a very young audience. 

We wanted to encourage users to use sunscreen every day and so this was the campaign that we came up with. It's doing really well as the jingle is very catchy. We also have a fun Instagram filter that's coming out soon. We'll be seeing a lot of our creators from the Creator company kind of having fun with the POPxo sunscreen launch campaign. And of course, we've been seeding it with a lot of educational content about sunscreen usage on POPxo and it can be carried through for a long time because we really are doing this in the public interest. 

What is the current size of the suncare market in India? How do you see it evolving and what growth potential are you eyeing? 

The suncare market right now by all kinds of records and assumptions is only Rs 600 crore market right now. It's quite a seasonal market and it’s a market that’s not targeting the young consumer. We actually want to expand the market by bringing young users into that category and try to make it a not-seasonal product because we really want it to be a product that people are using every single day. We are looking forward to the category expansion that's coming in, right. As the consumer-base gets more educated about the product and its benefits, the market will expand with that. 

What was the insight behind tapping into this market just after makeup kits? Are there any specific targets that you are looking to achieve in this segment? 

It's not an either-or situation for us. We are launching lots of extensions in our nailcare eyeshadow kits and in our lip kits. When we were looking at the makeup category, we felt that good makeup sits really well on healthy and protected skin and therefore SPF is a very natural addition, at least from our point of view to that because we really want to be a complete first makeup and beauty kit for a young user. And in all consciousness, having an SPF is very important and therefore it is an automatic addition to our collection.

It is a Rs 600 crore market and we would like to have a large play in that market. It's going to be an ongoing campaign that we will continue because sunscreen education is something that we need to be doing for a very long time in order to really shift the mindset of our users. We're excited about this category and we feel that it might be busy in some cases but it is also an uncontested category for the young user and that's exactly where we want to leave a mark. 

How has the journey from being a purely content platform to a content-commerce platform been? 

PopXO started transitioning to content-to-commerce before the merger happened. We had an entire skincare collection that we had launched before the merger. We also had other merchandise and started transitioning into commerce offerings for our users. Kudos to the team that understood the ins and outs of content formulation, supply chain distribution, and marketplaces really well and therefore we were able to launch the POPxo makeup kits, which have been a very strong performer for us. Content-to-commerce started properly with The Good Glamm Group and the teams that we have at the central level. Content-to-commerce is a very natural progression for us and I think it's playing out extremely well. 

What revenue targets are you eyeing by the end of FY23? 

We aim to become the fastest beauty brand to hit a INR 100 crore revenue run rate in the next twelve months. It's been fantastic to see how well our makeup kits and especially our nail kits have been received by the market. We’re absolutely on track to achieve this goal.

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