Salesforce Live:'Our mission is to make kids creators rather than consumers of technology'

At the Salesforce Live event, Gaurav Yadav, Head of Sales, WhiteHat Jr, talks to Sanjeev Saha, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce, on his company's growth during COVID, vision and more

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Updated: Sep 11, 2020 9:05 AM
WhiteHat Jr

This year's Salesforce Live was an online experience full of innovative ideas and new ways of working and engaging with customers. It took place on September 10. There were an array of sessions on various topics, including how to build business resilience and transformative stories from inspiring visionary leaders.
One such session was a conversation of Gaurav Yadav, Head of Sales, WhiteHat Jr, with Sanjeev Saha, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce. Yadav spelt out the mantra of WhiteHat Jr’s success during the lockdown period.
With the coronavirus pandemic, many organizations have adapted to new ways of doing businesses, new ways of reaching out to consumers and keeping employees motivated. Working from home has become the new normal. While on one hand, we have seen a slowdown of businesses, on the other hand, we have WhiteHat Jr changing the face of technology education in India. WhiteHat Jr is bucking the slowdown trend by boosting sales, customer engagement and team productivity. They have grown exponentially in the last six months. Many of their tech innovations are trailblazing in their approach and have helped the company quickly adapt to disruption and emerge stronger.
The session shared with the audience how this company is shooting for the stars.

Growth and unique value proposition
“In the last 10 months, we have grown 30x, all powered by the exceptional demand that we have of the product that we developed. Our product has built excitement amongst kids. The mission is to make kids creators rather than consumers of technology. We are offering them pathways to become CEOs, entrepreneurs, and scientists at the age of 13. That is very much needed in a country like India where innovation is much more important than anything else right now. All this growth is not only powered by the power of the product but also by various technologies that we have integrated,” shared Yadav.

Pillars of WhiteHat Jr’s Systems
Yadav said they saw COVID-19 as an opportunity to innovate rather than as a difficulty. He shared three important pillars that their system focuses on:
1. Students: For them, we introduced 1:1 coaching and report cards to see progress. We also introduced a lot of gamification measures to ensure that their interest is intact in the COVID- 19 situation.
2. Teachers: We already had advanced training and recruitment systems for them. Harping on the COVID-19 situation, we were able to recruit many more teachers on our systems and trained them very well.
3. Employees and Performance: We were able to ensure that employees work from home and still deliver the same and better output. Our systems were very much suited for work from home set-up because our technology integrated everything to be monitored online and every measure was monitored online. COVID-19 enabled us to increase our efficiency rather than decreasing it.

Legacy Systems 
Yadav said, “Frankly speaking, the legacy systems were Google Sheets and basic versions of Softwares that we were using. So it was a rudimentary set-up when we were scaling, and when we saw that the product is scaling really good, we had very little time to react. We initially relied on spreadsheets to manage sales data. But as the company’s growth skyrocketed, the limitations of these tools became very apparent. So data wasn’t being captured effectively across the sales funnel. Because of the legacy systems, teams were wasting valuable time in accounting and reconciliations of the information of different spreadsheets and reporting was also becoming very cumbersome. So, we knew that it was time for a change, and our legacy philosophy rather than the systems actually played a critical role in deciding how the transformation would play out. Our philosophy is to dream big but execute really small, and that enabled us to ensure that we are teachable to come out of the legacy systems.”

The Vision
Yadav remarked, “Our vision is to make sure that the customer happiness is contained and that the kids are happy with the product. Also, we want to deliver this happiness to 1 in 10 kids globally, and that is a grand vision we have for the next two years. The National Education Policy is coming into place in India, and it mandates that every kid from class six onwards should code and become innovators at a young age. This also fuels our vision to a scale that was never possible before. We want to increase our command over the Indian market.
Also, we want to expand to new markets. We have already started our testing with Australia, New Zeland, UK, the Middle East and many other markets that we are trying to explore after India and the US. Obviously, the systems will scale and be amplified. The need for scale and agility is definitely to be powered by technologies like Salesforce because other than technology there is no way to scale so fast.”

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