Our growth rate in India is higher than the market growth rate: Morden Chen, UC Ads

On the sidelines of a tech summit in the capital, Chen, General Manager of Alibaba's UC Ads spoke to us about the trends shaping the mobile advertising landscape in the country

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Updated: Mar 18, 2019 9:35 AM
Morden Chen

Mobile advertising in India is witnessing phenomenal growth, especially with rising smartphone users and low data costs. On the back of this trend, a lot of global players have entered the Indian market to tap the big opportunity that it holds.

Alibaba’s UC Ads, which reaches 600 million mobile users per day, is one such platform that offers mobile advertising solutions to brands across the world and its India story has been a big success so far.

On the sidelines of a tech summit in the capital, we spoke to Morden Chen, General Manager of Alibaba's UC Ads, about the trends shaping the mobile advertising landscape in the country.

Speaking about the changing contours of mobile advertising solutions in India, Chen said, “For the last one year, the biggest things that we have been doing are--focusing on influencer marketing, because we have a lot of influencers on our platform, and pushing our video based advertisement solution to make video ads more mobile friendly, by saying that I mean making them more short form.”

“In India people are still in favour of long form video advertising content of 30 seconds or 60 seconds, they are still taking the TV commercial to mobile, while in many other markets the trends have become different. The video ad content has been modified and created for mobile environment, here (india) we have not seen that trend yet,” he added.

Chen also stated that India is offering big growth opportunity for platforms like UC Ads which believes in providing effective and innovative solutions to brands. “Our growth rate in India is higher than the average digital advertising market growth rate. The market growth rate is around 32 or 33 per cent, from 2017-18, and our growth rate as UC advertisers is a lot higher than that.”

While India may be growing as a market for mobile advertisers, according to Chen the mobile ad platforms are still facing challenges when it comes to geo targeting, demographic based targeting and behaviour based targeting.

Chen also spoke about the rising use of ad blockers and how UC Ads has found a way to deal with it.

“There are some advertising formats and placements which lead to a lower CTR average, like pop up ads, and most ad blockers work on such formats which are not very user friendly.  On the other hand we are into native ad business, which means ads blend into articles, they blend into the environment. The average CTR for a native banner ad is around one per cent to two per cent, it is higher than the banner ads. So if you design your placement in an adaptive way, people won’t need that many ad blockers and this is what we do at UC ads,” said Chen.



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