Guest Column: Programmatic advertising to grow 31% faster than other digital media channels: Ashish Shah, Vertoz

A double-digit growth in the industry this year proves that programmatic is leading the race for online advertising in India, writes Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO of Vertoz .

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Updated: Jan 19, 2017 8:40 AM
 Guest Column: Programmatic advertising to grow 31% faster than other digital media channels: Ashish Shah, Vertoz

We have witnessed a year of digital growth in India. Markets around us have evolved or changed drastically prioritizing technology and using it to lead from the front. Demonetization in our country may have helped make payments go online, but the technological revolution in other fields started well before it. The online advertising industry has had a great year as it took on traditional forms of advertising and helped a lot of marketers and publishers to achieve and surpass their target goals.

A double-digit growth in the industry this year proves that programmatic is leading the race for online advertising in India. According to eMarketer, digital ad spending in India next year will surpass $1 billion and will amount to 14.3 per cent of total outlays. As of now, the digital ad spend is about 12.67 per cent but by 2020, the figure will be 20.2 per cent. Mobile advertising has a small market in India, but the share will double to 50.2 per cent, taking over all other forms of programmatic advertising, predicts eMarketer.

Programmatic for India in 2016

Programmatic in 2016 has looked promising this year with people opting for it over traditional advertising. Even after having a slow start, many marketers and brands had set high budgets for their programmatic campaigns by knowing about the benefits it reaps for them.

It has been a challenging year as well, as the market felt a need to be enlightened about the functions of programmatic advertising and the opportunities it provides for the businesses to enter international markets. People who have been hesitant in the past about trying out programmatic, have invested in it and seen the results with their own eyes. They are now spending more of their ad budgets on programmatic advertising.

2017 is the year that seems very promising for digital advertising and especially for programmatic. By the time we reach 2020, programmatic will already be at the top and would have brought new innovations and technology to make it simpler and easy to use for everyone.

Trends to look out for in 2017

Since we are entering a new year, we can expect a lot of new things in digital advertising to come our way. A consistent growth in numbers and high-level budgets being set by marketers/ brands for programmatic will create a more user-friendly environment for the online advertising industry.

In 2017, programmatic advertising will grow 31 per cent faster than all other digital media channels. According to a survey of ad spend conducted by Warc, global ad spend rose 5.2 per cent this year and is anticipated to grow another 3.6 per cent in 2017. The worldwide internet ad spend is expected to rise 12.5 per cent in 2017.

Mobile programmatic advertising has seen a promising market in India due to the increasing number of smartphone users in the country. It will continue to grow in 2017 with new opportunities for paid media and a growth of in-app advertising in mobile devices.

Native advertising is the next big thing in programmatic advertising for marketers to earn a higher return on their investments and to engage viewers with their ads. It also helps in making ads less intrusive and act as a part of the website content.

Header bidding will also be a major factor in leading the programmatic market due to its ability to access “first-look” inventory across a publisher’s sites enabling media buyers to find the best place to advertise online.

Data technologies are changing the way media is bought and sold as it is helping the industry to choose the right tools for targeting and retargeting the desired audiences. Data will be the king next year and marketers will focus more on real-time consumer data to advertise accordingly based on their online behavior.

Programmatic advertising will get in some highly interactive ad formats not just for engaging users to it but also for their entertainment. These ads will act as a medium for the online advertising industry to better understand the online masses.

India is primed to play its part in the programmatic advertising by contributing more budgets towards online programmatic and reap the benefits. The years to come have a lot to focus on and provide solutions programmatically. We might soon witness the use of programmatic in IoT. While it still has a few hurdles to cross, we can expect a more safe and reliable environment for buying and selling of online media.

Programmatic advertising in India, is now a much understandable term and, is helping marketers to target the audiences that will help them better.

(The author is Founder & CEO, Vertoz)

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