Google Hangouts can give marketers an additional foothold in digital

While Google Hangouts have not been seen dominating the social media space, a lot can be achieved when it is used with strategic planning and innovative ideas

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Updated: Jul 22, 2013 8:50 AM
Google Hangouts can give marketers an additional foothold in digital

Google Hangout first caught marketers’ attention at the launch of Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Lincoln.’ A number of brands have been using the socialising feature for marketing to attain various objectives. Milind Deora, Minister of State for IT, Communication & Shipping, had discussed the future of IT and communications in India with the citizens of the country through a Google Hangout. Similarly, brands are often seeing conducting hangouts for bridging gaps.

exchange4media takes a look at how Google Hangouts can be good bet for marketers…

Apart from basic benefits such as fresh content and enhanced engagement, Google Plus Hangouts offer a few other elements that can be used strategically by brands. 

Trust: Organisations can often create hangouts to share with their TG certain internal process. For instance, an internal meeting or the manufacturing process of their product can be shared through a hangout, helping brands create trust in the product and the proceedings of the organisation. Dell organised Google Hangouts for customer service and technical errors, thus taking consumer trust to a different level.

Innovation: Google Hangout can be very effective in promoting a new service or product. Vineet Gupta, Managing Partner, 22Feet points out that a beauty or healthcare product brand could hold beauty classes or tips through Hangouts from time to time, thus providing interesting content to the TG and promoting the product or service.

Thought leaders: Amidst the drought of attention faced by marketers, Google Hangouts with the right personalities can be effective means to create thought leaders in such scenarios. Valueabled, a Tata Steel venture, gives users an opportunity to stand up for the values they believe in and meet like-minded people. The brand has chalked out a Google Hangout with Arunima Sinha, the first alternately-abled woman to conquer Mount Everest. The Hangout gives the brand an opportunity to help its TG interact with a likeminded strong influential personality and thus, create thought leaders with the brand’s influence.

Brand ambassadors: The arrival of blogs and reviews has created the trend of consumers trusting personal opinion of a consumer more than any other form of communication. Thus, a Hangout with the CEO or owner of the company can create brand ambassadors that can help in product launches and other such events.

Google Hangout might not be a very dominating social media element, however brands have used the initiative time and again to create high-end engagement. When used with the right section with strategic planning and innovative ideas, Google Hangout can help marketers achieve a lot.

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