Getting the mobile strategy right in the digital ecosystem

For optimum leverage, experts suggest that mobile marketers need to understand whether to use mobile as part of the digital mix or as an independent medium

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Updated: Jun 17, 2013 9:38 AM
Getting the mobile strategy right in the digital ecosystem

Today, mobile has grown beyond the traditional spam marketing options such as SMS and call. Mobile marketing is now a much more technical and advanced concept with involves options such as in-app advertising, in-game advertising, mobile videos, independent games and a lot more. To leverage these options, marketers need to start with identifying their needs from the medium and understanding whether mobile is a separate platform or part of the digital mix for them. Besides, there is also need to wipe out the grey areas in terms of how to make the best out of the medium.

Where does mobile stand?
On being asked whether mobile should be a part of the digital mix rather than being treated as an independent medium, Tushar Vyas, Managing Partner-South Asia, GroupM said, “Yes and no. Mobile is part of digital ecosystem, but large enough opportunity to get independent treatment.”

How a marketer wishes to use mobile depends on the nature of their product and their objective from the medium. There is no direct answer as to where mobile suits the best, nonetheless, mobile can generate apt results on being placed either way (as a separate medium or a part of the digital mix).

Mobile when integrated with digital 
“We are seeing the trend of responsive websites that adapt to any device replacing separate mobile and desktop websites, as a clear sign that mobile is becoming integrated with the overall digital landscape. For example a user who is browsing the desktop website could be cookied and then remarketed on mobile and vice versa,” said Sabyasachi Mitter, MD, ibs.

When used as a part of the digital mix, mobile can be used very effectively as an extension. Missed call, messages, applications to promote the product, etc are some of the best ways to create strong mobile presence.

Also, when mobile is used as an extension of a traditional campaign or a part of the digital mix it can be used to create an aggregated base of fans. For instance, Zee did not launch a new app of ‘India’s Best Dramebaaz’, rather used the same app base which was created for ‘Dance India Dance’. This gave the channel an opportunity to target the existing users for the new property and when the next property arrives that already have a very large base that they can cater to.

Mobile when used independently
Usage of mobile for independent campaigns is no longer an uncommon phenomenon. According to data, for users who consume data from mobile, it (mobile) is the primary or only medium of content consumption.

Halls recently did a campaign to install windmills in villages that have power cut issues. The campaign was called ‘breathe the change you want to be’ and gave the youth an opportunity to call a number and record their breath where every call would translate into the CSR activity. The campaign reached out to consumers who were a part of Vserv’s app network, thus making extremely efficient use of the data.

Another interesting independent mobile campaign was created by Active Wheel wherein consumers were asked to give a missed call on a number advertised on the All India Radio in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. On giving the missed call, the consumers would receive a call back and would be greeted with humorous conversations between husband and wife. Every time the consumer called he heard a new IVR till he called the 9th time. The brand managed to get 28,000 unique numbers in four weeks in the first leg of the campaign.

While there are apt ways to use mobile being placed either ways, treating it as an independent medium makes more sense as mobile is already ‘the’ medium for the youth and will soon become the same for audience across age groups. In the milieu of growing technology, the flourishing app and gaming economy and the ability of mobile to serve the purpose while being on the go will make mobile only stronger in the future.

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