Facebook and Twitter’s public policy experts root for addressing digital addiction

Ankhi Das of Facebook and Mahima Kaul of Twitter India spoke about the issue of digital revolution and social challenges at a recent event in New Delhi.

e4m by Ruhail Amin
Updated: Dec 11, 2018 8:26 AM

While the rise of social media has given us countless benefits, the flip side of it is gradually becoming the new focus area. Issues such as trolls, data safety and digital addiction are being spoken about more vocally than before and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are taking due cognizance to address these concerns.

At a recent event in New Delhi, Ankhi Das, Public Policy Director, Facebook -India, South & Central Asia; and Mahima Kaul, Head, Public Policy & Government Partnerships, Twitter India; spoke about the issue of ‘digital revolution and social challenges’.

Answering a question on the increasing addiction to social platforms like Facebook and the way to deal with it, Ankhi Das said, “We are creating a ‘time spent’ dashboard and it will help to self-regulate.  Also I think it is the responsibility of all of us as a society to address it. We have created a network of safety partners and mental health experts, including institutions like Tata Institute of Social Sciences, to tackle it.”

Das also spoke about Facebook’s thrust on promoting regional languages and reaching out to people beyond the big cities.

“Facebook has been upgraded to be available in 16 Indian languages. A lot of consumption is happening in the local languages. If you look at the way media is getting consumed, the patterns of consumption are changing in terms of being more visual and more towards video.”

She also spoke about the collapse of information barriers, something that social media platforms like Facebook have enabled.

“The way we access information has changed drastically.  People, especially youngster students, don't have barriers to information today,” said Das.

Mahima Kaul of Twitter spoke about the correct use of the micro blogging platform and how the government has made it an effective tool to reach out to public at large.

"If you see, the government is using Twitter in the most efficient way. You can find all the ministries on this platform and they share important information through this platform”. 

Answering a question about the rampant issue of trolling and safety on social media platforms, Kaul said, "There are many product features within the platform that can tackle these issues and most of the users don't know about them. And when they do, it becomes easier to deal with trolls and address other such concerns.”

The event was organised by Jagran Group.


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