Edenred India unveils new brand identity

The aim is to bring all commercial brands under one distinct umbrella and create a strong presence among end consumers

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Updated: Jun 14, 2017 5:03 PM
Edenred India unveils new brand identity

Edenred unveils a new brand identity as a step to bring all its commercial brands under one distinct umbrella and create a strong presence among end consumers. With the new brand identity, Edenred aims to create an inseparable link between the Edenred brand and its commercial offering.

Johann Vaucanson, Managing Director of Edenred India, said, “The company made a shift to digital in 2014 and plans to have a digital identity. The launch of the new visual identity will bring transformation in the history of Edenred. This launch will help Edenred create a refreshed identity with its end consumers and evolve as a B2B2C company and connect with customers with this new identity that reflects its new perspective.”

The reshaping of Edenred was essential to support the new positioning of the company and to create a clear hierarchy between Edenred and its commercial brands. Therefore, along with the brand logo, the commercial logos have also undergone a change and this will be implemented across all platforms and communication in the coming months.

Edenred touches the lives of individuals with various products and services where the end consumers are the main beneficiaries; its offerings in the area of work-life benefits affect hundreds of employees across India. This change will create a uniform and consistent identity for Edenred and bring together all its users and beneficiaries under one unified platform. 

The new Edenred logo will now feature on all solutions, from cards and mobile apps to online platforms and paper vouchers. Edenred India has also adopted a new signature, ‘We connect, you win’, which reflects Edenred's digitisation, the networks it has built and the advantages it brings: greater purchasing power for employees, optimization of expenses for companies and more business for merchants.

Capitalizing on the red dot, which has been the company's signature mark since the launch of the Ticket Restaurant program in the 1960s, the Edenred logo embodies all the attributes of the new brand: simple, dependable, digital, universal, daring and connected. Changed to a red circle, it features the name Edenred through its middle and is left open to the outside: to the Group's unique network, but most of all, to the employees, companies and merchants that use Edenred solutions. With its "red" suffix, the new logo echoes a colour which has been a visual marker for the Group from day one, whilst making the brand even easier to read. A play on words (the word "red" meaning "network" in Spanish), it also refers to the different ecosystems that form the basis for the Group's products. The font's clean curves mark the smooth transition to new graphic standards at the meeting point between the worlds of B2B and B2C as the digitisation of its offer sees the Group forge increasingly direct ties with the 43 million employees that use its solutions. 

Subin Kumar, Head Marketing, Solutions and Channels of Edenred India, said,“There were more than 200 Edenred employees involved from around the world in the process of creating our new visual identity over the past year, making it a genuinely collaborative project. The new brand identity carries a trustful, vibrant and connected personality which will bring the promise of confidence, convergence and daringness. The new logo is thought of by keeping in mind our customers which are companies, merchants and employees.” 

The rebranding project was carried out with the assistance of the Royalties agency, which designed Edenred's new logo and visual identity and participated in creating the brand platform. 

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