Cannes Lions Special: 25 things that resonated with me: Bindu Sethi

Our work needs to be brave, honest and human, says Bindu Sethi, Chief Strategy Officer, JWT Mumbai as she recounts the key takeaways from Cannes Lions 2014

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Updated: Jun 23, 2014 8:30 AM
Cannes Lions Special: 25 things that resonated with me: Bindu Sethi

Cannes 2014: The 25 that resonated with me.

1.  It is about connecting it always was and will be.
2. The connections canvas has acquired more dimensions, if you think out the connections and what content works where, it is easy.
3. Don't fear to embrace problems, for older players and for the 'digital native' understand what changes behaviour, what moves the needle; that is what we all are here to do for businesses and brands.
4. Get the problem right: Relieved that everyone said this.
5. Emotional connection is what it is. Realize that the emotional canvas is vast and it requires a fresh approach every time. Pick on fresh contexts: music, entertainment, art, sport to drive emotion.
6. Bad taste is vulgar. We in this business cannot afford ignorance of taste.
7. Individual work creates great work, as does team work, as does collaboration…as long as we can recognize the great idea.
8. Honesty is a culture that is essential to create great work. Authentic shared values create culture. Both said by the greats of this business.
9. Need to have 'A healthy disregard for the impossible'.
10. Think 10X. Think Dramatic Competitive Advantage.
11. Nike vs Reebok: Consistently refreshing and moving vs not standing for anything.
12. Focus on what you will change, what is your fresh, never-been-done-before solution.
13. 'The Creative Canvas' is the new name for whole business of ideas and creativity - what we do for our brands: P&G
14. Widen your own creative canvas.
15. Design is a necessity. Design demands a premium.
16. Design can solve problems of bringing brands back into the consumer conscious.
17. Create inclusive ideas, not global ideas. Elegant and simple solutions that people care for.

The URGENT: What we all need to face up to:

18. Mobile. It is the most intimate medium, how can we get consumers to let brands in?
19. What would the mobile creative canvas look like. What content do we need to create?
20. Why are we spending what we are on press? Does it do what we want it to, for our brands and their problems?
21. Serious experimentation with solutions and ways to make connections that change consumer behavior online and mobile.
22. Get behind Big Data you will get more answers than you know right now.
23. Measurement of online communication to answer the many questions that everyone is asking.
24. Twitter will become much bigger; and will break out of its PR tool reputation.
25. More real work, better craft, not art for the safe of art but to solve a business problem.

Overall some things will never change: That our work needs to be brave, honest and human.

All the above content is curated from the week in Cannes and has been said by the biggest and best names in the business of ideas and creativity that solves real business and brand problems.

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