VISA India now promotes digital payments with #KindnessisCashless campaign

VISA, the credit card brand, in a bid to sign in more users and push the forward the Digital India movement launched a campaign asking uses of VISA cards to teach others how to

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Updated: Mar 6, 2017 8:39 AM
VISA India now promotes digital payments with #KindnessisCashless campaign

Demonetisation spurred the overnight widespread adoption of cashless payment across India. Now, as the effects of demonetisation wear off, banks, e-wallet service providers, the government, and even credit card brands are all urging users of cashless payment methods to get others on board. VISA, the credit card brand, in a bid to sign on more users and push the Digital India movement forward has launched an ad campaign asking users of VISA cards to teach others the how-tos of using credit and debit cards at points of sale.

The ad, conceptualised by BBDO Worldwide, has received nearly 8 million views in the last one week.

Paytm Pioneers with Each One Teach One

Paytm was among the first to use the digital and traditional media to drive people to get others familiar with and use Paytm services. Quick on the heels of demonetisation Paytm as a brand seemed to have realised that the gap in adoption can be overcome by pushing existing users to rope in more users. Slowly but surely banks and credit card brands have also caught up with this trend and are urging users to encourage others to use cashless methods.

PM Urges Youth to Teach Others

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on the programme Mann Ki Baat on February 26 too urged people, especially youth of the country and those who have won prizes, to become ambassadors of the schemes launched to promote cashless payments such as Digi Dhan Yojana and Lucky Grahak Yojana. He said, “One can teach at least 125 people on how to download the BHIM app and how to do transactions through it.”

Kindness is Cashless

The VISA ad takes off from where Paytm and PM Modi left the conversation. VISA India launched the #KindnessisCashless campaign in the last week of February. The ad is set around an aging school teacher who feels he has failed as a teacher because his young students don’t pay attention to him in class.

The ad begins with the teacher remembering an old saying, “When a great teacher imparts the most precious life lessons, you cherish them until the end of life.” Even as the teacher hopes to leave a lasting impression on his students, he finds his students are disinterested and one student in particular even plugs in earphones in class.

Outside school the teacher struggles to pay shopkeepers and vendors because he is out of change. While he goes through a couple of such stressful situations when he is unable to tender exact change, he finds his students passing by, oblivious to his everyday struggles.

On one occasion, when the teacher is standing in a long ATM queue to withdraw cash, the student who had plugged in earphones in his class approaches the teacher and says that he has been noticing that the teacher is hassled with making cash payments. He suggests to the teacher that payments can be made with a card directly at the point of sale. The student then teaches the school teacher how to use the ATM card at a point of sale. When the student asks if the teacher will remember the process, the teacher replies with the old adage about a great teacher.

The ad ends with a message from VISA - Reach out and teach someone how to go cashless.

Digital Movement

The ad comes at a time when some of India’s leading banks - HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Axis Bank - have announced that they will levy a minimum charge of Rs 150 after four free cash deposits or withdrawals in a month at any of the branches of these banks.

Visa has been consistently attempting to promote its products and services through various digital campaigns, TVCs, and activations for sometime now. This ad urging users to teach others is the first of its kind from VISA.

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