The Cookieless Future: What to expect and how to still be successful

Guest Column: Ramneek Chadha, COO, Xapads Media, explores the why, how, and what of cookieless advertising

e4m by Ramneek Chadha
Published: May 16, 2022 8:28 AM  | 3 min read

Days are not far when Google depreciates Third-Party (3P) cookies in Chrome and with Apple and Huawei already restricting the access to device identifiers in their OS, the world of cookieless advertising is giving sleepless nights to marketers. This leaves the whole industry with many unanswered questions like the precision of targeting, fraud detection, and campaign success. 

Let us dig in more to see what the cookieless world looks like? We are trying to figure out - why, how, and what of the ‘cookieless’ future. 

What is the current situation with the phasing out?

The last few years have seen a (much needed) rush in talks and actions to address the privacy concerns of users and how in the name of advertisement some have been over aggressively targeting users with or without their intent. The year 2021 will go down in history as a significant one that changed the world of Digital Marketing for Good as Apple introduced and finally implemented its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework in iOS14.5. The other major players too will sooner or later follow the trend. 

Why is it happening?

Many organizations have been advocating for a consent-based user audience pool and players like Google, Apple and many others have started taking the proper steps to address the Privacy issues. Though this is expected to widen the gap between players with First Party data and channels, ad-tech relies on Third-Party cookies but still it is a much-needed concern and has to be addressed properly. 

How it could impact the industry?

As the industry heavily depends on retargeting, data audience and fraud directory to ensure the success of the campaign’s life cycle so marketers are now worried about how they will be able to create personalized experiences for the user in their ads without user audience data. 

What can be done to still be successful with digital ads?

There is no denying that it will change the way digital advertising works and with less hyper-personalized advertising campaigns there might be a parallel effect on ROAs and ROI of digital spends. But there are still many ways to ensure the success of digital campaigns and drive results for the brands/advertisers. 

Programmatic Contextual Advertising:  Coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Programmatic Contextual Targeting will help showcase the adverts at engaging touchpoints by delivering the message, tailored to users' interests. 

  1. Creating high impact vernacular strategy:  People love to connect with the brands that communicate with them in their native dialects and considering the user’s vernacular online consumerism, most brands should start incorporating vernacular targeting in their marketing toolkit since the future of digital advertising would have a strong foothold with vernacular adverts. 
  2. OEM advertising and first-party data:  OEM advertising has become the most powerful tool for mobile apps because it harnesses the power of on-device app recommendations. OEMs have their own in-built app stores that have some pre-installed apps which present a smart way to advertise to untapped audiences.
  3. Consent-based Email Marketing: When the user signs up or subscribes to the advertiser’s website then they are giving the consent to send emails in the future, this way advertisers have the consent to target the user. 

The whole advertising industry revolves around users and their preferences and it is high time to give respect and thought to the privacy concerns of users which have been highly violated by the name of Hyper-personalise advertisement. Marketers, brands, and advertisers have to bring out their creative best to reach the audience with story build-up, narrative, and brand values to make a long-lasting impact.

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