Creativeland Asia plays the ‘Frooti’ game show

After last year’s unique OOH formula, Creativeland Asia and Parle Agro are back with a new ‘reality TVC’ for Frooti, which continues to spread its message of ‘Why Grow Up’.

e4m by Shubhangi Mehta
Updated: Mar 21, 2011 9:09 AM
Creativeland Asia plays the ‘Frooti’ game show

After last year’s unique OOH formula, Frooti is back with its new reality TVC, which continues to spread its message of ‘Why Grow Up’. The TVC is based on a mango theme-based game show, called ‘Mango Slam Bam Bam Bam’.

This time, Frooti with its unique campaign plans to surmount the digital sphere and later television as they plan to air the game show on a youth channel as well. This will be the first time that a TVC will be the basis of a game show, which in itself is an achievement for the Parle Agro and Creativeland Asia team.

Sharing his view on the innovative concept, Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder & Creative Chairman, Creativeland Asia, said, “We wanted to create an integrated campaign to help Frooti retain ownership of mangoes while staying true to Frooti’s ‘Why Grow Up’ philosophy. The whole campaign is built around the long term positioning line – ‘Why grow up’. We have been consistently trying to capture this in the most refreshing and amazing way possible that goes beyond the mundane. After our path breaking ‘Juicy Mango surprise’ project, India’s first reality TVC, we wanted to push reality to a more engaging level. This year, we have worked with the idea of a mango-themed game show, a crazy, over-the-top game show with mango at its core.”

“On the digital front, we wanted to ensure that the viral campaign provides the same game show experience through the web. We wanted the fans and followers of Frooti to not just look at the excitement the participants had, but to engage in ‘Mango Slam Bam Bam Bam,” he added.

Commenting on his experience as a director, Ram Madhvani of Equinox Films, said, “Frooti was Crazy Mango Fun. My task was to capture the contestants’ inner craziness in a real game show way. The first time that Raj and the team from Creativeland Asia spoke to me, I was hooked by the reality game showness of the idea. It is great to have trust and faith from Nadia and her team too.”

Further, on the concept and sales growth for Frooti, Kurup said, “Our campaign last year was viral. It was highly engaging and the huge number of hits it generated on social media was very encouraging. This time, we are running a full-fledged campaign on digital and social media. Being only in the first week of it going live, the campaign has received a tremendous amount of hits and has already created the buzz for us. We have not even broken the campaign completely, by the time we do so, it will give us a boost in digital and social media.”

In addition to this, he added, “Over the previous year, the sales grew by almost 100 per cent for the brand, this year, we expect the number to be a magical figure. In the digital sphere, we have not only created a buzz, but we have managed to maintain it. We expect to capture many more eyeballs and generate many more hits.”

The Frooti campaign is definitely one of the path breakers in the TVC world with the innovative concept of reality TV and now it has gone a step ahead by coming up with an actual game show on television. Though we are yet to see how well it works for the product and the agency.


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