Ad Review: Sony Handycam shifts focus to ‘instant sharing’

Conceptualised & executed by Hakuhodo Percept, the new TVC is based on the new projector series wherein one can share what has been captured instantly

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Updated: May 21, 2012 7:34 PM
Ad Review: Sony Handycam shifts focus to ‘instant sharing’

‘Shoot, Project, Smile’ says a new TVC of Sony Handycam; it has been conceptualised and executed by Hakuhodo Percept. The focus of the commercial is on the new projector series wherein one can share what has been captured instantly. The mood of the brand has shifted from simply ‘reliving memories’ to ‘instant sharing’.

The in-built projector with sound and display features enables one to watch footage anytime, anywhere. One doesn’t need to plug in the handycam to the television or laptop.

The new film captures a little boy interacting with various animals at a zoo, while his parents shoot him with their handycam. But when it’s time to go, the kid is unhappy about leaving his friends behind. His mother, with the help of Sony Handycam’s ‘instant sharing’ advantage, projects the child’s endearing moments with the animals on the roof of the car and later on their bedroom ceiling making him relive the entire experience instantaneously.

Elvis Sequeira, Executive Director, Hakuhodo Percept shared that this was Hakuhodo’s first campaign after getting Sony on board. “It carries forward our key strength of creating ideas that are real, memorable and touch the consumer,” he said.

He further shared that Hakuhodo Percept won the account because of the in-depth understanding of brand Sony that the team showed. “We believe the client found in us the talent and capability to partner and move the brand forward,” he added.

The brief
Ryusuke Fukushima, Head, Marketing Communication, Sony India explains, “The brief was to highlight this innovation (instant sharing) in the category. I believe this film does full justice to it.”

The idea was to create in young families (with children) the desire to own the new projector-handycam, by demonstrating how it makes memories more fun.

The handycam brand is firmly anchored in memories that can be replayed and this time it moves forward to demonstrate what happens when these memories are shared.

“The brief was clearly to create a new position and subsequent communication for handycam's new model, which has a projector feature as a USP,” said Sequeira.

The company is also planning a 360-degree campaign including TVC, print, shop-front activities and social media.

Set in an open zoo, the film has been shot by a famous Danish filmmaker Ivo Mostertman from Fleet Productions. “The key was to extract brilliant performances, even from the animals. Getting the right mood in a limited time was a major technical challenge,” Mostertman revealed.

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