AdAsia 2011: The debate of the future

“There’s going to be no offline and online… seize the opportunity.” This was urged by Nikesh Arora, Senior VP and Chief Business Officer, Google, who spoke about ‘Conversation as a Route to Driving Certainty’.

e4m by Shree Lahiri
Updated: Nov 2, 2011 11:24 AM
AdAsia 2011: The debate of the future

The second post lunch session on Day One dealt with ‘Conversation as a Route to Driving Certainty’, with Nikesh Arora, Senior VP and Chief Business Officer, Google as the speaker. While talking about the future, Arora observed how there was a “lot of disruption because of technology and that is going to change consumers, talk about conversations, the power of social media and the wisdom of words.”

Not letting us forget that he represents Google, (in fact someone addressed him as Mr Google!), he proclaimed that “this is a Google session – a talk user-generated content. You ask the questions and in true Google-form I will answer the questions.”

So the questions were shot, one after the other. Google is harming the world, there’s no creativity left, kids google all the time, is there any question that Google cannot answer? In social media certain companies like Orkut, rule for some time, so is there any that will rule forever? How long will it take the real world to see eyeball-to-eyeball with the virtual world? What went wrong with Google+? Since we are in the business of building brands, how does a brand control conversations online? What is different – net sentiment versus purchase intent? With the data gathered is a gold mine for advertisers which can be converted ton sales, but is this going to happen, to bring about a marketing revolution? What according to you, did Google+ get right? How big do you see mobile advertising in India, compared to US?

“Everyone with indispensable income is online, in some way,” Arora said, adding, “A lot of technology has become a must-have, till the next wave comes around.”

“We’re going from a world brand awareness to brand engagement is my theory,” he elaborated and went on to say, “For us, Google+ is the new incarnation on the web. Google+ started 3 months ago and now has 4 million users.”

“There’s going to be no offline and online… seize the opportunity,” he urged.


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