Youth Quotient: "The best of the liars make for the greatest advertisers"

Famous Innovations' Shweta Goud talks about the love-hate relationship she shares with advertising & how she dislikes how some brands are mistreated through irrelevant crazy ideas & how easy it is to fib here

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Updated: Jun 20, 2014 9:22 AM
Youth Quotient: "The best of the liars make for the greatest advertisers"

Shweta Goud works as an Account Manager at Famous Innovations. She started off her career with Law & Kenneth, before a stint with Bangalore-based Happy Creative Services. In conversation with exchange4media, Goud talks about following her father’s footsteps and the love-hate relationship she shares with advertising. Excerpts.

What attracted you to the advertising field?
While many have told me about this being a rare case, but my dad was in advertising and well, I am here now. First reaction I get to this is “I don’t know anyone who would say I want to grow up and be just like my dad, who is in advertising”, funny indeed. Neither did I, in fact, the case was the opposite, I never thought I would be here and it’s been an interesting ride.

Meanwhile, I always loved brands, their language, their evolving stories and how consumers perceive each brand to be. The most interesting part was how consumers made or broke the brands through their perceptions.

What are the three things that this industry has taught you?
• Nothing is constant. Be prepared to be prepared
• Nothing ever is as easy as it seems
• And my biggest learning: The best of the liars make for the greatest advertisers

What do you love about this industry and what are the things you dislike?
I have a love-hate relationship with this industry.

I love how lively and excited people here always are. There is immense passion that exists in all the creative people to do better and unique work every day. And I dislike how hard it is to showcase and gain respect and appreciation for that same work. There are so many great ideas that don’t see the light of day.

From the business perspective, while I like how a brand that was nothing is made into a star with a simple bright idea, I also dislike how some brands are mistreated through irrelevant crazy ideas and how easy it is to fib here.

Any particular project you are proud to have been associated with in your career?
I was extremely happy to be a part of creating the Amante Body Band and the entire campaign to educate women about the right lingerie for them and how.

And I am also very excited now to be a part of the team that is working on the legendary brand, Raymond, and re-introducing the Complete Man today.

If not this, what do you think you would be doing?
I would definitely be doing a lot more things if not this. From dancing and traveling to fashion and psychology or maybe even photography, I would love to explore all of these one day.

Who is that one leader in the industry whom you look up to?
The father of Advertising, Mr David Ogilvy. He is one of those very few, original advertisers, who really tried to understand the consumer and the product before starting any work on them. He went to the lengths and depths of the product to really write from the heart.

Five brands you would want to work with and why.
Nike – the ultimate, the simple the best. Their films are beautiful and their logo is epic. It is the best brand to connect sports, music and dance.

Google or Apple – These are progressive brands. They are the future and it would be fun to work on products and ideas that are absolutely new and futuristic.

Masaba Gupta – Because I love fashion and she, as a youth icon in the fashion industry, would be very interesting to promote as a brand.

India – Working on Brand ‘India’ would be so much fun. Positioning India and its people, making a mark world over and creating a whole new image of the country. I would love to promote India Tourism, Indian dance and Indian fashion via Brand India.

XYZ – I definitely would like to work for a whole new brand with a unique concept or product. Something that has no market or competition, something that has to be built from scratch and has a strong idea.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
On the client side, managing a strong brand that is moving to global heights.


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