Youth Quotient: I share a love-hate relationship with the pace of digital : Frazier Barretto

Just managing dynamism in the digital medium is not all, sustaining it for years is success, says Frazier Barretto, Digital Marketing Manager, STAR India

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Updated: May 28, 2014 7:54 AM
Youth Quotient: I share a love-hate relationship with the pace of digital : Frazier Barretto

In a conversation with exchange4media, Frazier Barretto, Digital Marketing Manager, STAR India talks about the essential learnings from digital medium, its fast paced nature and more. Excerpts:

What attracted you to digital media?

In one word dynamic. That’s what got my curiosity & then there was no looking back. Every day there is something new happening on the web. It’s a never ending cycle of learning and unlearning and no matter what degree you possess no one can in their right mind say that they have mastered this medium.

What are the three things that this industry has taught you?

The first and most important thing that this industry teaches you is, Listen. Listen well to what your consumers have to say, what they expect and what they want. Listening opens a whole new world once you are able to makes sense of all the noise and take action.

Next would be response. If someone’s talking to you its courtesy to respond and the same applies for a brand.

And thirdly you need to engage with your audience. Build your brand/product through the influencers and have a healthy community.

With these in place you can then move to even monetizing your community and forming a complete digital solution.

What do you love about this industry and what are the things you dislike?

You can share a love-hate relation with the pace of this industry. The industry is very demanding, corporates or brands find it quite challenging to adapt quickly to these demands and in an organized manner which is right for the business. Every brand has realized the importance of digital in India but being as dynamic as the medium that’s still taking time. Just managing dynamism is not all, sustaining it for years; that’s success.

Any particular project you are proud to have been associated with in your career?

I’m proud of every project that I’ve worked on, though if I have to mention one it would be my first project as well as MTV India’s first ever online show “Jose’s Briefs”, a social standup comedy show starring José Covaco . It went on to win awards as well as even have a second season.

What’s your most memorable moment in digital media?  Or one you would like to forget?

Microsoft, an Operating System buying out Nokia the largest mobile manufacturer since decades. It’s quite a defining moment. While both are giants on their own, this moment proves two things. First the obvious, Microsoft realized that they could achieve more for their Windows Mobile platform only by being a manufacturer. Secondly, a giant such Nokia was quickly losing market share so much so that they could be bought only because they didn’t accept change. All those decades of leading the mobile industry didn’t mean they could dictate to the consumer. 

Who is that one leader in the industry whom you look up to?

I really can’t pick just one person. Many of superiors both present & past, those who have worked with have helped me understand this dynamism of this industry. And what I’ve learnt is that in the digital medium you look for inspiration from the users; they drive this industry. Listening to your consumers is your key source of inspiration to spark the idea that’ll serve the users.

Though if cornered for a name, I’d say Mark Zuckerberg. With both major social networking websites Orkut & Facebook founded 10 years back. Mark has managed to provide for what the ever changing demands of the users. Not just that, he’s even managed to make quite a dynamic model for monetizing it as well.

Five brands, you would want to work with and why.

Every brand is a challenge though some cool brands that’d love to work with are:

Coca Cola – They set the example for social communities

Google – Because they rule the Whole Wide Web

Adidas – Because its #AllorNothing this World Cup

Red Bull – Because they are associated with some outstanding forms of motorsports

Triumph – Because I love bikes

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Five years from now if all goes well, I hope to have made a name for myself in the industry and move on to a digital solutions consultant for brands and large corporates whilst quenching my thirst of bike touring.

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