Bigg Boss Tamil ticks all our boxes: Krishnan Kutty, Star Vijay

Krishnan Kutty, Business Head, Star Vijay tells us how Bigg Boss Tamil has helped give a boost to the channel and why the show is an attractive proposition to advertisers

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Updated: Jun 24, 2019 8:43 AM
Krishnan Kutty Star Vijay

Non-fiction show Bigg Boss, hosted by Kamal Hassan, is back for season 3 on Tamil GEC, Star Vijay. Krishnan Kutty, Business Head, Star Vijay tells us how Bigg Boss has helped give a boost to the channel and why the show is an attractive proposition to advertisers.

How would you assess the performance of the first two seasons of Bigg Boss Tamil?

Both seasons of Bigg Boss has been a game changer for Star Vijay. During the quarter that Bigg Boss was on the air, in both seasons, Star Vijay grew significantly and what’s great is that we have been able to sustain those numbers post-Bigg Boss. Before the first season we were at 379 GRPs (WK 1 – 25, 2017, TN Urban 15+), during the season we touched 700 GRPs (WK 26 – 40, 2017, TN Urban 15+) and post the show we were able to sustain at 612 GRPs (WK 41 – 52, 2017, TN Urban 15+). Before Bigg Boss season 2, we were at 597 GRPs (WK 1 – 24, 2018, TN Urban 15+), during the duration of the show we touched 746 GRPs (WK 25 – 40, 2018, TN Urban 15+) and post the second season, we were at 773 GRPs (WK 41 – 52, 2018, TN Urban 15+). We have been able to hold on to those ratings for the next three quarters, despite the implementation of NTO. We start Bigg Boss Season 3 with 748 GRPs (WK 1 – 24, 2019, TN Urban 15+). Bigg Boss has proven to be a great consumer aggregation tool for us as property. It is such a disruptive property and it has a lot of great advertiser interest as well and it is a great property made for advertisers but beyond that, both seasons have been a significant boost for us as a business.

How was the advertiser response to the previous editions?

Bigg Boss has been a very successful property for us from an advertiser perspective. We typically end the season with more than 40-50 brands associating with the property. In season 2, compared to season 1, we had a very significant uptick in advertiser interest and we have been able to sustain it through season 3, so the advertiser interest has been incredible.

How has having actor Kamal Hassan on board helped?

In the first season, we did a very aggressive marketing campaign which said that 15 celebrities were staying in the house with about 50 cameras on them, but people didn’t get it right as this was a format they weren’t familiar with. Kamal Hassan is very respected and having him on board brought instant credibility that Kamal won’t associate with a brand or product which operates on the edges, leading many to sample the product.

What can we expect to see in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3?

You will see the day-to-day challenges that people face reflected in this season. For eg, the contestants in the house will have restricted water access, gas usage and provisions. The intent is to say that existing and surviving in the house itself is a challenge.

What has been the advertiser response?

The advertiser response this season has been great. Frooti is our Title Sponsor, the Powered By sponsors are Airtel (First) and Helo and Nippon Paints is our Color Companion. The Co-presenting sponsors are Prisma and RKG Nei. Our Associate sponsors are Arun Excello, Benny Hills, Sudha, Tamil Matrimony, Levista, Center Fresh, Eldia, Amrutanjan, Intimacy, Fortune and Haier. Nippon Paints and Arun Excello have associated with us in all the three seasons of Bigg Boss 3.

What has been the increase in ad-rates, viz-a-viz last year? What is the premium that Bigg Boss commands?

Season one it was a new show, in season two, over season one we probably took a premium of 30-40. In season 3, over season 2, we are probably growing further by 10-15%. Bigg Boss is by far the most premium product, even individually on a rate basis it is an expensive property to put up and an expensive property to participate. Bigg Boss ticks all our boxes, consumer value, advertiser value and profitability.

What’s been the marketing that you have undertaken?

We have very aggressive plans. Obviously, we market on our own network and beyond that, we have a 400 hoarding plan across the state which we have been running for almost 20 days. We have extensively undertaken brand activation in more than 100 towns because there are many places where there isn’t adequate outdoor. Also, we have a very aggressive print campaign.

Finally, what are your expectation from Bigg Boss this year?

Whenever you do a reality show you are always nervous because you are assembling a set of contestants and it finally comes down to whether the viewer falls in love with those contestants. It is unpredictable but we are very excited and being thoughtful about making the show fresh and different from the earlier seasons. We believe we have a very exciting bunch of contestants, probably the best set of contestants we have had in three seasons, and we expect it to continue doing what it did in the first two seasons and take Star Vijay to newer heights.


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