FM radio players bring alive the festivities on air this Ganesh festival

With the festival season round the corner, the radio industry has geared up to bring the celebrations closer to the listeners. Starting with Ganesh Chaturthi, the FM radio channels are taking the content, contests and interactivity path to celebrate the festive spirit...

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Updated: Sep 7, 2011 2:36 PM
FM radio players bring alive the festivities on air this Ganesh festival

The auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi is marked by robust celebrations across the length and breadth of Maharashtra, including Mumbai. The FM stations in Mumbai have come up with various innovations in their programming format and have embarked on several on-ground activities to engage with their listeners and partake in their festivities.

Content & Contest
Contests and interactivity seem to be a key guiding principle for most programming innovations on radio. Radio City, for instance, has introduced ‘108 Tarekein’, a concept derived from the belief that Ganeshji has 108 names, which would give listeners 108 ways to win prizes.

Through ‘Pandit Pandey’, Fever FM is taking Mumbaikars’ prayers to Ashtavinayak. Moreover, Fever FM is also taking along a few lucky listeners with Anuraag Pandey on this sacred journey. The campaign is being extensively promoted across all the shows on the FM station. Moreover, there will be live feed from the temple and Pandey will be sharing the experience with the listeners.

Red FM is running an interesting contest on air in line with the rejuvenating spirit of the festival. Listeners can lighten their souls by confessing to any sin that they may have committed and atone for it by performing the task that the Red FM RJs give them. In the process they can win prizes for themselves and their family. The station has also introduced a special segment called ‘Red Cha Lal Pandal’ post 10 pm so that listeners can continue to enjoy thumping, upbeat music even when the pandals are closed for the day.

The on ground connect
Radio City has created the ‘Modak Man’ and listeners are encouraged to invite the ‘Modak Man’ to their homes in order to taste homemade modaks. The tastiest modaks stand to win diamond jewellery. Radio City has also designed an initiative that invites listeners to accompany the RJs on a Radio City bus to visit the city’s numerous pandals. Radio Mirchi RJs are celebrating the fortnight from listeners’ houses with popular Marathi stars (TV and film) visiting them.

Meanwhile, in Hyderabad, they have installed nine Ganesh idols symbolising the nava-dhanya (nine sacred grains) at Eat Street (‘the’ place in town). In other markets, they are inviting listeners to participate through messages and promos.

God goes online, literally!
Taking forward the green initiative during Ganeshotsav, people are being encouraged to celebrate an ‘Eco-Chaturthi’.

The RAMKY BIG green Ganesha campaign, a Big FM initiative, has gone digital this year. There are over 30,000 likes in one week and the application landing page has been viewed 20,000 times. The Virtual Global Ganesha is more than 50 per cent complete with 1,200 people sharing the application and 5,400 invites have been sent by 450 people. has designed a special microsite, ‘10 Days of Ganesha’, to mark the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Utsav. Viewers can download exquisite Ganesh wallpapers, get devotional songs with Ganesh playlists and view and sing along with Lata Mangeshkar as she performs traditional Ganesh Aarti.

Adding a dash of Bollywood charm to the festive spirit, the microsite has an interesting Ganesh Song Poll too. Also featured are exclusive photographs of Ganesh celebrations at celebrities’ homes.

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