We are looking to expand in the state capitals: Sandeep Tewari, Usha International

Tewari, President - Marketing, Usha International Ltd, talks about the the brand's journey and its marketing activities

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Updated: Feb 21, 2019 8:21 AM

Over the last two years, the Indian home lighting market has seen a steady growth and is well on its way to become a ₹35,000-crore market by 2020 with LED lighting accounting for about 60 per cent of the total market, as per sources. 

TISVA, Usha International’s decorative home lighting business, aims to garner a sizeable share within the next two years, by gradually expanding its presence through exclusive outlets and launches of contemporary offerings. Sandeep Tewari, President - Marketing, Usha International Ltd. talks to exchange4media about how the brand has been expanding its footprint.

Edited excerpts: 

Tell us about the brand journey and marketing activities undertaken to give the brand the canvas of visibility?
So, when this journey started in 2014, we were careful about the fact that we should position this brand in a very different fashion. There was a very deep insight which we identified. When people come to shop things for their house, they will not like to pick up a chandelier or furniture which is available in the open market. Either they can get it made or they would prefer to fly abroad, identify things and get them imported. Now, this is a wish and a very important one and so we position the brand just for this specific wish. Hence the brand has emerged as a boutique brand and is not absolutely exclusive but an inclusive brand ensuring that the premium portion does not get diluted now. 


In this journey we are almost doubling our turnover, which is just a reflection of how well the brand has been accepted and how people are responding to it. In our recent endeavour we have moved from décor which is practically making chandelier, wall lamps that consists of table lamps from this typical decoration portfolio. We have expanded entirely just for business utility as well as architecture portfolio.


What occupies the lion’s share when it comes to marketing? Is it Digital or TV?
This is a much targeted initiative for which we are majorly focusing on Digital. We have got 13 studios in 13 towns which are not large towns but we have started going to state capitals and among the recent ones is Dehradun. Expansion wise we are looking to expand in the state capitals. Digital is a targeted initiative. Also this is not an impulsive purchase. These are very well-thought purchases. 


What is the size of the lighting market in India in terms of financials?
Lighting market is an unorganized one. If we were to ask what is the real size of the market, nobody can answer it.


What according to you are the growth drivers in this segment? 
The maximum sales take place during festivals like Diwali and it is majorly driven because people decorate their house at that time. The second mini-season is March and April. It is a smaller spike that we experience in the second half of the calendar year and these spikes actually drive the market. Some purchases are done last minute. 


Tell us about your expansion plans and major focus areas.
We want to make this brand reach every household. The journey will be slow and not like a typical durable. It is a brand which is still being targeted and we are targeting a specific.


What are your target markets?
As mentioned, we want to practically reach every state capital. We will follow the political capital, not the fashion capital. Hence, we are picking up towns where people are looking forward to a stylish developer. The idea is not to hit the numbers but to hit the right place at the right time.

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