MarTech: People, process & technology are the 3 keys to marketing success: Alexander Low

The Digital Soothsayer, DLAignite, said the greatest risk for marketers today isn’t competitive trends or technological change, it’s losing customers

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Updated: Aug 26, 2019 8:52 AM

At the first edition of exchange4media MarTech India Conference & Expo that took place in Gurugram on Friday, Alexander Low, Digital Soothsayer, DLAignite, gave the concluding keynote session. Low shared insights on how one can take their business to a maximum value of their MarTech solutions.

Low, in his opening statement, remarked, “Your greatest risk isn’t competitive trends or technological change, it’s losing customers. Sometimes we get swayed by the products out there rather than thinking about what we actually want to achieve.”

The three keys to marketing success are people, process, and technology, according to Low. “The end-user needs to be given more importance. At the end of the day, we are all consumers. We want to have personalisation in the same way we want it for our client base,” shared Low.

Marketers need to keep in mind: Why are they doing this, and what is it for? “We need to think about how technology will help support and augment what is already going on. The digital transformation is what we all should accept as marketers.”

But even the best technology in the world isn’t going to shift the mindset of the people. “You got to understand the skin of your organisation. But also think about the mindset of your consumer and if it is changing. And whether you are mirroring that,” advised Low.

Citing a study by research firm Gartner, Low said by 2020, customers will manage 85 per cent of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. Also, 40 per cent of all data analytics projects will relate to an aspect of customer experience. “As we become more empowered, our expectations are going up in terms of what that experience should be. Technology is going to play a massive role in that. What we need to understand is that the short bit of human interaction needs to be absolutely spot on,” stated Low.

Low commented that it has become a war between data and analytics. “This is a change in skillset and understanding. Is it the right data? This is the question we need to ask. Some people think that data is going to solve all your problems, it’s not. It is about the right data and the kind of question you want to ask. If you can’t answer these two questions than AI is not going to solve your problems. Because AI only tells you what to do,” he explained.

Instagram and TikTok are where your consumers are going to, so be both B2B and B2C, shared Low. He said, “If you cannot do something in two thumb-scrolls, you cannot engage. All marketing should be focused on the user and the user experience. Don’t try to retrofit the model, just start again.”
In this digital-driven world who will be the top players in the nation? Low remarked, “YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp will be the top three most active social media platforms in India.”

Low concluded his session, saying, “You need to have a network. If you're not connecting as an organisation, all the marketing technology in the world is not going to solve your problems. However, in the word that we are, we need to develop trust in the foreseeable future.”

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