MarTech Mumbai: Videos are driving digital growth, say experts

Industry experts took part in a panel discussion and shared their views on how a brand can re-evaluate their ROI strategy

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Updated: Nov 26, 2019 3:08 PM

MarTech Mumbai 2019 Conference saw industry experts take part in sessions to share insights on enhancing marketing efforts through technology. The sessions focused on building traffic, expanding brand awareness, improving customer service and gaining insight into today’s latest digital tools.

The first panel discussion was on 'Revaluating your ROI Strategy - Are you Doing it Right?'. The moderator of the session was none other than Yaquta Mandviwala Partner, Bain & Company. The panelists included Akash Gehani COO & Co-Founder, Instamojo, Karan Jaitapkar, EVP, Head-Analytics and Technology, iProspect; Taranjeet Singh, Chief Revenue Officer & Business Head, Zee5, and Sudheer Reddy Surasani, Head of Analytics, NetElixir.

Jaitapkar started off the session by speaking about personalization.

Further during the discussion, Singh shared about digital marketing. “We are a year and a half old as a brand. We have automated a lot of our services. Digital helps personalization at a large scale using big data. We have a multiple data sets with us. But we needed a one customer view. We need hyperlocal personalization. Also, 80 per cent of the data is used to watching videos in India and videos are driving the digital growth," he said.

Gehani shared about what he has been doing with Instamojo and MSMEs. "We help grow online. We have seen how businesses want to have a relationship with the consumers. And we help them do it making sure it is ROI-driven. There has been a dramatic shift in MSMEs who were shy to explore technology are now open to the latest technology and having direct relation with customers."

Meanwhile, Surasani remarked: “There are multiple levers to optimize digital marketing.”

Sharing about the most powerful levers that can jump one's ROI, Singh said digital is all about hyper-personalisation.

"Through technology now we know who are our customers are. From where have they come and why, this helps you improve their journey and make it personal," Gehani said.

Concluding the session, the panelist spoke about measuring the performance and measuring ROI.

"AB testing helps you find out whether one segment is performing or not. Patience is very important when it comes to technology. Data is not collected in a day," said Jaitapkar as the discussion was brought to a conclusion.

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