It’s heartening to see smarter women making their presence felt at a young age: Megha Tata

Guest Column: Megha Tata, Managing Director – South Asia, Discovery, shares her thoughts on how leaders can drive organisational growth by creating more diverse teams at work

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Published: Mar 23, 2020 7:30 AM  | 3 min read
megha tata

In my journey as a female professional, I have faced many challenges since the day I first walked into this industry almost 30 years ago. I was a young rookie, completely new and barely prepared for what was about to come my way. I was the second employee of Star India at a time when we started and brought cable and the satellite into the country. This is from a time when only the public broadcaster existed, and nobody knew what cable and satellite was!

The new industry has its own challenges – and you had to discover the path through trials and errors as there was no prescribed path. But beyond that, I felt, at that time, this evolving industry had its own prejudices against one gender. Furthermore, my motherhood, a beautiful experience on a personal front, contributed to muted professional growth – as the impression then was that women would want to focus on and get busy in managing children and that they might have less time for professional work! 

 Now, after having spent such a long time in the media industry, I realized that these prejudices, as undesirable as they were, made me stronger. My belief is that when life gives you lemons, the call to make sweet or sour lemonade rests completely with you. Remember, a half-glass full person will always outshine the half-glass empty one.

 My life journey has been full of learnings but my suggestion to young women trying to make their way in this or any other industry is to ignore all hindrances and focus completely on the work at hand. I am in no way suggesting young women of today to accept discrimination. No! You have every right to speak up and ask for what’s right. And it makes me immensely proud that women today are understanding that they have the power to ask for what is truly right, and for what they deserve. However, at the same time, I am emphasizing on a very basic work ethic - if you continue to deliver, life will reward you back. I firmly believe that one needs to know his/her weaknesses as well as strengths and learn to acknowledge them with full honesty. Only then can one be a well-rounded professional worthy of becoming a true leader.

 The media & entertainment industry has transformed itself massively over the past few years. It is heartening to see that brighter and smarter women are making their presence felt at a very young age.  However, there is still a lot that needs to be done especially in terms of leadership where most firms are helmed by men even today.

 I believe that companies need to start working towards building a work culture that places high emphasis on creative and innovative thinking, one that believes in empathetic and ethical business practices and promotes trust. We need leaders who understand the value that a diverse leadership team can bring to larger organisational growth and therefore, invite and welcome women among their ranks.

 Once that happens, no women leader will be asked to write an article on ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ because there would be none!

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