How Skore condoms is scoring big with innovative advertising

Vishal Vyas, General Manager, Marketing, TTK protective devices Pte. Ltd., talks about their marketing strategies and new products in the industry

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Updated: Aug 21, 2019 9:46 AM



The global pleasure products (non-condom) market is growing exponentially touching 50 billion USD in 2020 from 15 billion USD in 2015, and it’s going to be five times bigger than the global condom market.

Today, there is a marked shift in consumer mindset with more sexual openness as well as sexual assertiveness as seen world over. India is also not left behind. The emergence of various pleasure product e-commerce sites evidently signals Indian consumers are becoming more assertive.

Skore condoms is tapping this growth and introducing a host of sexual wellness products. Their marketing strategies to popularize these products are to watch out for. 

The brand introduced OH pleasure Gel — first of its kind sexual wellness product for women in India. It focuses on developing products for the bold and assertive new age urban Indian women.

Talking about their marketing strategy for this product, Vishal Vyas, General Manager, Marketing, TTK protective devices Pte. Ltd, told us that they plan to push it more on digital. “We are pushing it on ecommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket and others. We have done a lot of digital activations to communicate with our audience. The digital ecosystem has completely changed over the years and with this very product to our primary focus will be on the medium. Although, we are also launching it offline and doing print advertising as well.” 

Skore, a condom brand that is very quickly becoming popular in India, is a refreshing, stylish and cool brand that fits in with the changing socio-cultural trend in the country and with the increasing awareness on safe relationship among the youth. 

Vyas added, “The usage or purchase of sexual wellness products in India is witnessing a paradigm shift. Now, more women are coming forward and purchasing products.”

When asked if the brand is planning to rope in celebrities like competing brands Manforce or Durex? Vyas said, “For now, we are not planning to get any celebrity on board. But in future, if any celebrity fits the category then we are open to rope them.”

The condom brand, which is known for its quirky ads, does believe in moment marketing in a way to engage with the audience. On the launch of Chandrayan 2, the brand didn’t deter to start a conversation on Twitter.

 A quirky ad related to the India vs England cricket  World Cup match also made its way on the brand's Twitter handle. 

When asked about what kind of innovations the brand plans to bring in the condom industry, Vyas said, “I can’t reveal much at the moment but as a new brand we are always trying hard to bring in innovations and get noticed. We are always on a mission to give something new to the market. For example, we came out with the disposable pouch for one variant of condoms which was well appreciated by our users. We took that a step ahead by ensuring that condoms come with disposable pouches, adding hygiene to the process of throwing away used condoms. We also launched a condom box which looks like a book from the outside. This was to deal with the problem many people face of stocking condoms and keeping it hidden from the public eye. Using this discreet packaging people can keep condoms anywhere in the room. It’s called ‘The Book’ and is available online.”

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