EIKONA Connect:Time to Sharpen PR Messaging Skills

Average Print News Article Size shrinking; 8 out of 10 News Articles go without a Message

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Updated: Dec 9, 2015 8:36 AM
EIKONA Connect:Time to Sharpen PR Messaging Skills

exchange4media.com and Eikona, the Neutral, Earned Media Planning, Audit & Advisory Service, jointly bring to you an info graphic fortnightly series called EIKONA connect. This series will focus on quick interesting nuggets of PR/Earned Media Trends and dynamics faced by the Professionals of Corporate Communications & PR Firms. The objective is to create and inculcate informed opinion about PR and aid towards Scientific Decision Making Process.

Average Print News Article Size shrinking; 8 out of 10 News Articles go without a Message

Editorial or pure news space in Print is coming under attack from many directions. Growing number of Brands, Expanding Ad Space, Increased use of Advertorials, More emphasis on Visuals over Text and other dynamics are creating challenges for our PR Industry professionals working on a Brand’s  Print PR. With India still continuing to be a Print PR market predominantly, how to maximize our efforts with shrinking Print space will need fresh thinking and approach.

With reducing editorial space in Print, it is not just about creating ink on I AM THERE or BUY ME but more about WHY ME. Here is where our PR Message Management skills need immediate sharpening.

Below are two quick interesting data points that corroborate the challenge at hand:

A.      Print news articles getting wasted without a message:

As an average of Top 15 Industry verticals (by news volumes), it is found that as high as 8 out of every 10 news articles published by Print go without a message. The questions that come to mind are as follows:

1.       Do we keep ready charter of messages at all times, through the year?

2.       Do we ensure that these messages are clearly allocated to the concerned spokesperson/s in a disciplined way?

3.       Do we ensure that every single touch point, say the Media Kits, for example – Media Release, Profiles, About the Company, Fact Sheets, etc. - carry those messages

4.       Spokespersons are well trained to deliver those messages and monitored on their message delivery skills.

5.       Do we measure our message delivery efficiency by Quantity & Quality?

B.      Average Print Article size shrinking:

What comes as a double whammy is the gradually shrinking News Article size in Print. Whereas the average article size of Print news was more than 10ccms in 2013, this saw a dip to 8ccms in 2015.

The good news, however, is that Print publications, realizing this trend, have given us ample platforms to use across News & Views.

The fight or the challenge in the future will be about maximizing your messaging in the limited space being provided by the print publication. The objective has to be on a power packed message convincing the Target Audience on WHY ME, not just BUY ME!



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