74% Urban Indians want brands to offer a positive perspective about COVID-19: Kantar study

Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer India study has been conducted among 1100+ samples across 19 cities and 15 states

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Updated: Apr 7, 2020 1:08 PM

Kantar has released a new study on urban India’s sentiments, behaviours and expectations from brands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As consumer behaviour shifts dramatically and an anxious India waits it out, the new study provides brand owners the answers to burning questions like:

 What are people thinking, their major concerns, fears and expectations
 How the current crisis is impacting purchase behaviour
 Implications for brands and marketing

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, urban India emerges deeply anxious with a strong need for reassurance and stabilization. Some highlights of the study are:

Urban India sentiments and behaviour

 Despite a significantly lower number of cases and death toll compared to many nations, India has a high score on the concern index at 57%
 Day-to-day disruption bothers India more (69%) when compared to
o Health concerns (48%)
o Economic recession (18%)
o Financial preparedness of the nation (47%)
 Standing at 54%, India supersedes the global average of 34% when it comes to expecting speedy recovery
 We are optimistic attitudinally, but behaviours are contrary. Driven by high concerns for scarcity (51%) India is stocking up for worse; mainly essentials
 Going by the current scenario, shared mobility is likely to take a hit - the numbers are heavily skewed towards a complete stop on usage of public transport (55%), taxis/ride hailing apps (35%), domestic air travel (58%), domestic railway travel (57%) as opposed to private vehicles (17%)

Expectations of brands

A ‘New Normal’ is gradually forming - If you don’t build desire, we will learn to live with less indicates the Kantar study.

 Brands are expected to be a trusted source of accurate information (28%)
 Consumers don’t want brands to stop advertising and it must not be exploitative
 71% believe coronavirus must not be exploited to promote a brand
 Brands must show how they can be helpful in the new everyday life (79%)
 Inform about their efforts to face the situation (77%)
 Offer a positive perspective (74%)

Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer India study was conducted among 1100+ sample across 19 cities and 15 states. The respondents are 18+ years men and women and belongs to NCCS A and B. The data collection was done through 19th -22nd March.

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