With Jukebox we want to give users a more immersive experience: Aditya Kuber, BookMyShow

BookMyShow is known for its quick services to book tickets for various events or movies but with the addition of a new feature ‘Jukebox’ it is offering variety of genres like horror, infotainment and literature.

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Published: Sep 12, 2017 8:35 AM  | 3 min read

Book My Show (BMS) has launched a new feature on its app called Jukebox that is currently live on Andorid platforms. Along with its focus on music based content, BMS is offering variety of genres like horror, infotainment and literature.

This diversification gives BMS a unique positioning in the market. The content mix is far different from its competitors. In an interview with exchange4media, Aditya Kuber, Associate VP, BookMyShow spoke about the need to have diversified content and how BMS plans to monetise it.

Here are some edited excerpts from the interview:

What is the new music vertical at BMS all about?

We launched what we call the Jukebox product, it is a different way to consume all your entertainment. Book My Show is very connected with entertainment in general and the new feature will include curated content, original talk shows across languages and various genres. On the music front we are getting expertise from 18 years of learning amongst our BMS users, and depending on their usage pattern, we are creating music content.

We are also bringing in people like Jose, Brian Tellis and others to curate music, these are the guys at the forefront of music entertainment and presentation, they know what the pulse is.

How do you look to market this property?

Given our user space we are reaching out to them and using everything available within the BMS eco system. We also have plans to do interesting stuff to reach new users and will start implementing it in a few days from now.

What kind of an approach will you adopt to monetise Jukebox?

Monetisation will be through ads and these will not be the regular ads but very smart without compromising with the user experience and their consumption. There will be a new format and new types of advertisements that we will roll out. Our focus will remain the user experience and monetisation will surely follow. There are a couple of standard formats that exist but going beyond that we want to create an opportunity to give the users a slightly more immersive experience and yet not have the experience compromised. We are closing in on a few formats.

How does this vertical leverage Book My show’s value?

We are all about entertainment aren’t we? We are looking at various means of entertainment, it is just logical for us to offer more and more to the audience, this is exactly what we are trying to achieve.

What are your plans in the next three years for this product?

We plan to make it the preferred destination for music and entertainment lovers. We want to make sure we offer them the best.

Will Jukebox be similar to Gaana or Saavn?

It is going to be much different; music availability is the same for all because they sign up with the same label. So the difference is how the music is offered to you. When the content is curated it is clear what the user wants at a particular time and that ‘wow factor’ is something we are counting on. Second is the talk content, like I said this has never been done before. As of right now there are more than 70 shows on the app around the world. We also have 5 new shows coming up every fortnight. 

How many users have you managed to get on board so far?

About three months ago we went live. The first flavour where we offered users downloads for all of their transaction and on that we has seen a 10X growth post the launch. Overall we are seeing great engagement and traction.

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