“Mobile activates other media”

Paul Berney of MMA, Mobext’s Arthur Policarpio and Praekelt’s Gustav Praekelt explain why mobile is a connective tissue between different media

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Published: Sep 24, 2012 8:23 PM  | 3 min read
“Mobile activates other media”

The process of making marketers more aware of the mobile domain and trends all over the world is facilitating the elimination of a sense of anxiety. And the case, according to Paul Berney, CMO and MD, EMEA (Middle East and Africa), MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) is largely the fact that marketers didn’t know where they were putting their money and what the subsequent cost benefit analysis would look like.

Berney shared some of the best mobile marketing campaigns globally and integrated them with eight trends.

He began by saying that mobile is activating other media channels. “It is not a replacement but the connective tissue between different media,” said Berney. For an audience that is entrenched deep in a ‘lean back mode’, mobile comes in at a stage where it needs to extend and enhance what is already happening on other multimedia platforms.

He elaborated the need for meaningful dialogue with a powerful example of GranataPet Snack Check. GranataPet is a high premium pet food brand in Germany. The idea of catching the target audiences while they walked their dog was executed by a simple measure of dispensing dog food at billboards. Each time a dog walked by, he was checked in at that location via Foursquare. Post this, not only did hundreds of visitors demand additional food at the pet stores, but traction multiplied when the Foursquare check-ins were sent to Facebook.

A significant trend Berney pointed out was the effect of mobile social commerce on the path of purchase. With almost 70 million downloads globally and 23 million monthly unique visitors, Tripadvisor comes closest to illustrating this trend perfectly.

Backing emerging trends such as the rise of dual screens and the growth of rich media advertising, Berney said, “There is a virtual loop of engagement between everybody.” He constantly complimented the medium for allowing marketers to personalise stories.

With the growth of mobile payments, Berney told audiences about how Starbucks coffee, which provides its consumers with individual barcodes on their app, has managed to hold a total on 1 billion dollars via prepaid cards.

Further, Berney also said that it is important to create mobile-specific websites because on the mobile, you’re snacking, and not browsing.

India is following close on these trends. The optimism would certainly ensue for this country since bigger and faster is something India does really well, he added.

Fostering this further, Arthur Policarpio, Head – Mobile (Asia Pacific), Mobext raised a question, “Is mobile just a direct response channel or can it be an effective branding channel given its screen size and other factors?”

He added that leveraging the abilities of this medium effectively was P&G in the Philippines that has deployed 1,200 tablets amongst various in-store personnel to substitute the earlier practice of “interruption advertising” with something as relevant and valid as a “consultation” through the device.

Gustav Praekelt, Founder and CEO of Praeklet, essentially talked about social impact campaigns in a continent such as Africa, which has graduated from a half kg phone costing two thousand dollars to having a 65 per cent mobile penetration. For the mobile generation of Africa, said Praekelt, it is the most personal and ubiquitous medium. The incredible ability of this platform to facilitate population-scale conversations and making it possible for an entire population to address a problem is an asset unique to this medium.

The mobile medium crafts an ecosystem where audiences engage with each other, receive relevant information and simultaneously expedite conversations with the brand, concluded Praekelt.

The above excerpts are taken from the presentations given by these panellists at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Forum, organised in association with the exchange4media Group. It took place on September 21, 2012 at New Delhi.

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