Guest Column: Five absolutes of digital marketing

Sundeep Kapur, Digital Evangelist, NCR Corporation shares a five-check-point plan for creating a strong digital programme

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Updated: Dec 24, 2012 7:39 PM
Guest Column: Five absolutes of digital marketing

Social media has evolved not only as a very effective support system to the mainstream marketing platforms, but also dynamic method to enter those untapped areas that have been never visited before. Only thing you need to make the best out of this platform is a strong digital programme that helps increase RoI. Here are ‘Five absolutes’ to help drive your digital marketing programmes – email, mobile, and social media!

You have to grow your digital database
Have metrics to track your progress with digital collection. The digital contacts that you capture should include email, mobile, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ being key). What is extremely important is that you should tie this digital contact information back to a real person. You should group households and also learn to segment your consumers.

You must know what your consumer prefers
There are three types of preferences – those that the consumer states, those that you observe, and those that you imply. You need to keep asking and observing preferences across channel. Maintain these preferences about the consumer so you can have relevant conversations.

You must communicate across channels
No more left hand – right hand dislocation; your recipient is on the receiving end of a number of different communiqués. They expect you to make sure they are served appropriately. There is no channel conflict in their mind and you better treat them that way. Think about telling your story across more than one channel – it will help you enhance relationships.

Creative, copy, and content will engage
There should be emphasis on three Cs – creative, copy and overall content; focus on what is inside your message. Recipients are expecting you to grab their attention, keep them tuned-in and steer them towards the offer. Think about every digital message as a piece of art – take time to put it together, and you will see your efforts pay off.

You have to make sure that you are connecting
Make sure that the consumer is receiving your messages and paying attention to what is being sent. Not only is email deliverability important, you need to make sure that the consumer is paying attention to your messages (across channels).

The author is Digital Evangelist, NCR Corporation

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