Brands play the kids' card right; strike a chord with parents on social

From inviting celebrity writers, creating feel-good conversations & interactivity, Parle G, Kissan & Kotak Bank are effectively engaging with parents on Facebook

e4m by Priyanka Nair
Updated: Jul 26, 2013 8:21 AM
Brands play the kids' card right; strike a chord with parents on social

Although India is still in a nascent stage when it comes to customising content and advertising on digital, one of the most interesting brand categories that is experimenting on this medium is the kids’ vertical.

Brands are using the Facebook route to strike conversations with parents. exchange4media looks at three different strategies that three kids’ brands initiated recently to target parents...

Celebrity conversations
Parle G recently initiated its digital campaign ‘G Maane Genius’ to strengthen its current campaign ‘Aao Banaye Kal Ke Genius’.

The brand has roped in renowned author Ruskin Bond to be a guest blogger for ‘’, an interactive portal where parents can interact and share videos, audio clips and documents to showcase their child’s talent.

The site is broadly categorised into four sections: ‘My kid is a genius’, where parents can share their child’s talents; ‘Genius gyan’ that provides expert advice for parents to help discover the genius in their child; ‘Parents quotient’, a learning and discussion forum for parents; and ‘Diary of a genius’ where one can read a daily diary maintained by a child.

Along with Bond, the brand has asked celebrity mother blogger Kiran Manra to write on issues related to parenting. The entire campaign is given an interesting push on Facebook. There are around 152,566 people on Parle G’s Facebook page, with around 8,227 engaging with its various activities.

The campaign actually was kick-started through a digital-first approach, where three teaser videos were released across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, followed by unveiling of the TVC online. The film was promoted on social media using #BeCurious and #IfIWereAParent tags on Twitter.

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Feel-good conversations
Kotak Mahindra Bank recently released a TVC for its latest offering ‘Kotak Junior’, a savings bank account product for children, which was populated on various social media platforms. To promote ‘Kotak Junior’, the brand has rolled out an aggressive Facebook campaign.

The Facebook campaign is titled ‘Adventures of My Junior.’ With it, the brand is encouraging parents to share special moments of their kids. It wants to carry out conversations that are engaging and special to parents.

An application is designed on Facebook through which parents can sign up and upload their kid’s pictures, videos and stories that are close to their heart. It is a feel-good campaign in line with the brand’s proposition.

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Innovation and interactivity
Kissan, one of the flagship products of Hindustan Unilever, launched an extensive digital campaign last year to activate users to learn more about the brand by growing tomatoes. Tomato seeds were distributed through the morning edition of a leading newspaper. To persuade users to participate and consistently engage with Kissan through this journey, an interactive website was created. The website was greeted by enthusiasm by parents who led their children to grow tomatoes in their own home using the website as a reference point for various aspects – right from planting the seeds to finally plucking the fruits.

It saw almost 80,000 enthusiastic kids participating in the initiative, which has now prompted the brand to launch the second phase of the Kissanpur campaign.

The journey began from sowing tomato seeds, nurturing the saplings, and finally bringing them to maturity. Kissan then chose 100 top growers and used their tomatoes to make their favourite Kissan tomato ketchup, the bottle of which would be named after the kids themselves.

To reach out to more kids and mothers, Kissan distributed tomato seeds in a uniquely designed Kissan ketchup bottle. The new bottle cap transformed into a mini-pot and helped the kids begin their journey.

The entire campaign was pushed aggressively on social media too. Especially on Facebook, parents were asked to share the experiences of their children who were growing the tomatoes. Parents were also directed to the interactive micro site where one could earn point and got a chance to get featured on the site as ‘Little Heroes’.  The campaign has now come to an end but we look forward to much more such innovation in the digital space.

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