Cannes Lions 2019: Brands need to reinvent to stay relevant: Tony Weisman, Dunkin’

At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Tony Weisman, Chief Marketing Officer, Dunkin’, explained what prompted the company to drop the word ‘Donuts’ from its brand name        

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Updated: Jun 21, 2019 8:05 AM

Why would an established brand like Dunkin’ Donuts drop the very word ‘Donuts’ from its name? Tony Weisman, Chief Marketing Officer of Dunkin’, was at Cannes Lions 2019 and he took to the stage to explain why.

According to Weisman, in this day and age, brands need to reinvent to stay relevant and that’s simply what they did. At the speaker session, he said, “It’s not about resting on your laurels, it’s not about just looking back and saying what you did made sense. It’s time to think what matters today. The reality is, people today are eating fewer donuts.”

The obvious question then arises – “If not donuts, what are people consuming at Dunkin’?”

According to Weisman, 60 per cent of what Dunkin’ sells is coffee. “Coffee is a growing category. In fact a lot of people drink a lot of coffee. When you realize the fact that 60 per cent of our business is coffee and growing, it just made sense to focus a little bit more on that side of the brand.”

Since the brand saw solid potential in the coffee business, rejigging the brand name then made perfect business sense.

“We are the No. 2 purveyor of coffee in the US. And when I tell you it’s a growth brand, in a growth category - think about this, two thirds of America drink coffee every single day. And I continue to look for examples of something that more people do every day, I’ve thought of toothpaste and toilet paper. Two thirds of Americans in your category everyday means you are probably in a pretty good business. We wanted to lean more into that.”

According to Weisman, their giant leap of faith was inspired from none other than the founder of Dunkin’ Donuts, Bill Rosenberg.

“We ask ourselves for a little bit of inspiration, ‘What would Bill do?’ Bill Rosenberg has remained our inspiration and he was the one who gave us the courage to innovate and move ahead.”

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