Guest Column<br>Media Quantemplations: Media Integration – Digitally powered!?blur=25

It is heartening to see the industry moving slowly but surely towards a more integrated approach to planning media. This is because more and more clients are demanding a media-neutral, brand-focused approach to their communication plans. It’s time to get each planner in every media agency to start thinking and planning digital. Only in integration lies the true victory for the online industry and its time for a movement, an uprising, a revolution, asserts Arpita Menon.

Arpita Menon Jul 16, 2010 8:34 AM

Guest Column<br>Media Quantemplations: Segmentation - Benefitting from a focused approach?blur=25

In the hugely complex and complicated marketplace, we no longer have a choice – it’s either differentiate or sink. Segmentation studies are invaluable as they help us peel another layer of the consumer onion and help us understand the drivers of consumer behaviour, says Arpita Menon.

Arpita Menon Jun 18, 2010 8:39 AM

Quantemplations: The Solutions Approach – all that it is, and that it is not...?blur=25

A Solution has many names from 360 degree Communication to Media surround and so on. These could all mean different things to different people. A media planner may look at ‘other media’ to deliver the incremental reach that would have plateaued in traditional media. A buyer could look at Solutions as a means to do innovative stuff which may not be possible in expensive mass media vehicles. A brand manager would look at supplementing the mass media activity with digital media in order to ensure ticks in check-boxes of things to do. While these may very well be part of a Solution, Arpita Menon writes that, none of them completely define a Solution.

Arpita Menon May 18, 2010 8:54 AM

Guest Column <br>Media Quantemplations: Taking that giant leap over the ‘integration’ precipice?blur=25

There is a real need to ensure that media operate with a level playing field and that the measurement system does not favour any one medium while ensuring that the unique strengths of each medium are taken into account in the media comparison and selection process, says Quantemplate’s Arpita Menon. With this, we begin Menon’s monthly column, wherein she will be highlighting different issues in media.

Arpita Menon Apr 15, 2010 8:57 AM