Top five ads going viral this season

Among the spate of ads that recently hit social media , ad campaigns from HUL, Quaker Oats, Badshah Masala, Big Bazaar and D’décor got people talking

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Sep 12, 2017 7:39 AM

Digital media is stormed with a slew of ads every day but very few truly make a statement. In a quest to bring you ads that were most-talked about recently, we dug up top 5 ads which scored not just on the basis of brand exposure but also earned whopping YouTube impressions that ranged between 284k to 11 million views. These 5 ads have become viral hits for all the right reasons:





Hindustan Unilever Limited

Impressions: 11M views

Hindustan Unilever Limited in its latest string of ads starring brand ambassador Akshay Kumar has one message for viewers: choose ‘sahi’ (correct) Ayurved. The messaging that HUL has adopted is not surprising given that the Ayurveda category is heavily abused with a spate of misleading ads and spurious products being present in this highly popular category. This was precisely why the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the ministry of Ayurveda, yoga, and naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) early in 2017 to tackle the problem of misleading ads. This series of ads take an educational route and inform consumers that not all that’s green and full of turmeric an ayurvedic product. The educative ad seems to have not just enlightened viewers but has also become a viral hit. Having a star like Akshay Kumar only seems to have further helped drive home the message.




Quaker Oats

Impressions: 7.1M views

 In a world where the popular perception of fitness tends to be limited to physical aspects, Quaker Oats took a fresh approach by redefining the idea of ‘real fit.’ Its recent campaign, ‘Fuel for the Real Fit,’ celebrates young Indians doing regular jobs like that of a teacher, who works round the clock to shape young minds. The brand pays a tribute to teachers and establishes Quaker as the fuel that empowers them to find the energy to keep doing more. The campaign kicked off with the first film that features a day in the life of a play-school teacher who does countless sit-ups, squats and even weight-lifting while taking care of a class full of energetic kids. This powerful film by Quaker has received a positive response from the audience and ranks at number five among the top 10 most watched ad films on YouTube.




Badshah Masala

YouTube impressions: 730k views

In recent times, we have seen tremendous friction between India and Pakistan. In lieu of this discord, Badshah Masala's #HumareYahan Campaign has tried to decrease the ideological divide between these two countries. The scene opens to a bedroom cluttered with bags and clothes. Manno’s daughter, Dimple, has just returned from US and is settling back in Mumbai. While she is showing her mother pictures from her time in US, a picture comes up wherein Dimple is posing with a boy. An intrigued Manno asks Dimple who the boy is and she reminds her mother about her friend, Saad. Manno immediately recollects that Saad is a Pakistani boy and taunts her daughter with the same. Dimple shuns her taunt and Manno heads towards the kitchen to cook. Dimple then coyly asks Manno if she could go to meet Saad as he is in town and Manno is visibly hesitant. After much deliberation, Manno agrees to the lesser of the ‘two evils’ and asks Dimple to invite Saad over for dinner. #HumareYahan pushes us to notice how certain traditions between India and Pakistan are similar and how these two sister countries are related even today. 





YouTube impressions: 284k views

The campaign has been conceptualised and produced by Dharma 2.0. The TVC features celebrity power couple Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan and has been shot by director Punit Malhotra bringing the essence of love onscreen, albeit with a twist. The ad takes a jibe at gender stereotypes prevalent in our society and breaks the norm by showcasing the power couple of Bollywood in reversed roles. The TVC features Shah Rukh in the role of a home-maker, arranging the bed with D’Decor sheets, while Gauri Khan is busy at work. On this premise, the TVC brings to life the soft essence of love that the brand brings to its luxurious fabrics.




Big Bazaar

YouTube impressions: 229k views

The main ad film opens with a very Indian warm gesture ‘Ghar Aaiye Na’ (Welcome home), depicting the brand’s belief that a house becomes home due to the strong emotions of the residing individuals and the feelings they attach to every corner of the household. From old friends bonding over cups of tea to a bunch of tiny tots tucked cosily under a blanket listening to grandma’s tales, friends bonding over an afternoon baking session to teenage girls spending a sleepover singing karaoke with mops and pans as mikes and guitars, the film showcases one’s beautiful relationship with home. Similarly, the film for storage solutions features how every jar in any kitchen has a name to it amongst other nuances that make the kitchen-experience unique. Even cups have their own tales to tell, which are captured aptly by the third product film. Be it a rendezvous over a cup of tea, few sips taken while discussing a neighbourhood gossip, a strong dose of caffeine to digest news from around the world, a few slow sips through romantic moments or maybe a lone monologue penned down with a big hot cup of one’s favourite beverage; all this and more is captured in the film for Big Bazaar’s cups and mugs selection.


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