Timex Helix invites youth to ‘waste time’

The campaign takes on close competitor Fastrack and encourages the new generation to live in the moment

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Updated: Nov 16, 2012 7:23 PM
Timex Helix invites youth to ‘waste time’

Youth has become the prime focus for brands as the age group is open to taking risks and marketers are willing to use innovative strategies to reach out and keep them engaged. A recent campaign by Timex Helix – ‘Waste Time: Because you’ll Never Be Young Again’ – captured the essence of today’s youth, who is unconventional and positively irreverent. The campaign, done by JWT, was recognised as the ‘Best Marketing Campaign in Print’ category at the Watch World Awards 2012.

The central idea was to make Helix a brand that the youth can own, both in attitude and style. JWT’s Delhi team under Creative Director Simran Sahni, and Senior Creative Director and Associate Vice President Anupama Ramaswamy conceptualised the campaign that was released in July this year.

“Watch advertising all over the world looks the same, but the proposition of wasting time is new and nobody has spoken that voice. It is a beautiful world-class film and one of the most important piece of work born out of the Delhi,” said Swati Bhattacharya, National Creative Director, JWT.

The campaign talks about the new confident generation, which focusses on the present moment and believes in living every moment to the fullest. The campaign focusses on the endless stretch of summer holidays, the never-ending ‘timelessness’ and how the entire world tells the youth to do something and stop wasting time. The ad asks viewers to defy tradition and go ahead and waste time, because only the young have the luxury of having time on their side, and this time will never come back. The idea came from the observation that with the advent of mobile phones, the youth wear watch as an accessory and hardly use it to know about the time.

Taking on Fastrack
Elaborating on the brief, Simran Sahni said that the brand is targeted at youngsters and the biggest competition is from Fastrack, whose whole attitude is to move on and not to waste time. “We thought of taking a completely different stand from Fastrack and tell the youth not to move on, because this is the most luxurious time of your life, so waste it. Later, you will get in the rat race and never be able to waste time,” she added.

Sahni further said, “The idea was fresh and nobody has ever told the youth to waste time. We were surprised by the overwhelming response of the youth.”

The youth watch market is growing at 15 per cent and it presents an opportunity for brands to delve deeper into this space. Helix has leveraged this opportunity and the brand has come out with naughty and provocative ads targeted at the youth.

VD Wadhwa, CEO and MD, Timex Group India feels that for a brand’s success, a clear understanding of psychographics and demographics is imperative and that’s what has made the Timex Helix campaign something which youngsters can relate to.

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