‘#TakeBackSleep campaign is an endeavour towards building a healthier India’

Aloke Banerjee, CEO, Retail, Bombay Dyeing and Sanjeev Bhargava, Director, Brand TOI, share the insight behind the campaign launched along with the Times of India

e4m by Christina Moniz
Updated: Oct 22, 2019 3:26 PM

The Wadia Group’s home décor brand Bombay Dyeing together with the Times of India has rolled out a campaign - #TakeBackSleep - to bring out the importance of adequate sleep for physical health and mental agility. The campaign will draw attention to the lack of concern millennials show towards sleep routines.

Speaking about the newly launched campaign, Aloke Banerjee, CEO, Retail, Bombay Dyeing, said: “Today, Bombay Dyeing, being a 140-year-old brand, needs no introduction. For this particular campaign, we thought it made sense to talk about something important that is connected with our brand as the market leader in our category. With a bit of research, we learned that sleep disorders are one of the biggest issues affecting the millennial consumer today. That is what basically led to our campaign #TakeBackSleep, which seeks to educate the millennials about the need to give greater importance to sleep. And who better to partner with than the Times of India group? #TakeBackSleep is an endeavour towards building a fitter and healthier India, especially the urban Indian population.”

Speaking about the brand’s partnership with the Times of India, Sanjeev Bhargava, Director, Brand TOI, said: “Every now and then, TOI does pick up on issues that may not always be in the public discourse but they are of public importance. So when Bombay Dyeing approached us with this idea, we found that this issue definitely falls into that bucket of public importance.” The first leg of the campaign will run for three months, and will focus on creating awareness about sleep deprivation, said Bhargava. It will be a multi-media campaign that will include Print, Television, Radio and Digital. The subsequent phases of the initiative will be chalked out on the basis of the issues that emerge out of the initial leg.

Banerjee stresses that while the campaign will be across mediums, it will especially be big on social media platforms. “In addition to what we are doing with TOI, we are also going to do a great deal of social media for this campaign. We have three films, which will be amplified across social media platforms. Our target audience is largely the section of people between the ages of 18 and 40 years. We are confident that we will engage with at least 1 million people through this campaign,” Banerjee stated.

The initiative is also supported by a panel of sleep experts to share deep insights and advise on good sleep habits. An interactive sleep quiz has also been created and made available on

Speaking about the campaign, Jeh Wadia, MD of Bombay Dyeing, said: “For 140 years, Bombay Dyeing has provided comfortable sheets, duvets, pillow cases, mattresses and pillows that have helped millions of Indians to have a sound sleep. As a market leader, I feel it is incumbent on Bombay Dyeing to make everyone realise the importance of eight hours of sleep – 1/3rd of our lifetime. Our internal research shows that millennials are sleep deprived due to a variety of reasons. Bombay Dyeing presents #TakeBackSleep campaign, where we intend to educate the virtues of adequate and sound sleep. My biggest learning is that leading a fit lifestyle is not limited to working out, eating healthy and meditating, it is also about giving your body rest. I choose to spend 1/3 of my lifetime with Bombay Dyeing, I hope and suggest you do too.”

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