Kerala Tourism trends with #Keralatales

Kerala Tourism is treading new ground with their 'Human By Nature' campaign series of #Keralatales videos which are going viral

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Updated: Jul 12, 2019 8:26 AM

By bringing local people to the foreground, by exploring its fascinating ‘human’ scape along with its famed landscape, and by moving the traveller into the backdrop of the destination, Kerala Tourism’s #HumanByNature campaign has radically deviated from the well-worn paths of destination promotion.

Kerala Tourism is treading new ground again in its expressions of the ‘human’ story with its series of #Keralatales videos which are going viral. Moving away from a single story, this brand campaign disseminates a multitude of interconnected Kerala stories - leveraging the power of social media platforms. The videos depict the state in a wider spectrum as vigorous and welcoming, emphasized by a powerful human touch.

“Brand Kerala has stepped on to a new platform- 'Human By Nature'. It is a platform that calls for new expressions and dynamics beyond conventional campaign vehicles. Thus, to tell these human stories in their profusion, we came up with #Keralatales, a series of videos about Kerala from the ‘human’ perspective,” explains Rani George IAS, Secretary, Kerala Tourism.

The videos tell heartwarming stories that unfold across different terrains of Kerala - a 10-year-old schoolgirl’s commute in Kerala’s backwater country, a 60-year-old football player in the hills and a traveller who follows the strains of a folk song into a magical island village, etc. All of these stories are held together with the unmistakable undulations of the ‘human’ scape. For instance, the famed Kerala Monsoons are shown in one of these videos through a family’s anticipation of the arrival of rain - with just a vignette of the rain at the end.

“Kerala has some of the most liked and followed social media platforms among travel brands. They are the perfect vehicles for us to carry forward the 'Human By Nature' campaign. And so, #Keralatales was the way to go,” remarked Bala Kiran IAS, Director, Kerala Tourism.

The videos are all treated in diverse forms and stories - catering to viewers of different tastes, hobbies, interests and sensibilities - and opening up Kerala to a whole new set of travellers.

”The rise of video as a preferred content format on social media has been phenomenal. #Keralatales work because of its wide spectrum of stories and its human angle that evokes and informs at the same time,” said Kenney Jacob, Manager- Online Services, Stark Communications.

#keralatales videos:

Chillan’s Backwater World

Chillan’s Backwater World gives us a glimpse into the life of a little girl, Chillan, in a serene backwater village of Kerala. The viewer joins her on her daily commute to school, that gradually unfolds the gentle flow of life in the village.

The Fisherman And the Sea

The video offers a sneak peek into a fisherman's life while capturing the journey of a fish from the sea to a customer's plate.

The Girl Who Followed The Sound

The video follows a girl from a faraway land, who at the end of her journey through Kerala, discovers music that is inspired by the rhythm of life.

Monsoon: Come, where the rain is born

The video is a nostalgic take on how monsoon season looks like in a traditional/rural household in Kerala. How the monsoon pervades our senses and drenches lives even before it actually rains.

Thrissur Pooram, the biggest festival of Kerala

The video unravels the story of Thrissur Pooram, the 36-hour non-stop extravaganza, which is also the longest open-air performance in the world.

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