It's time for Goaaaaaaaaaa: Pratap Bose : Goafest 2013

Talk about the spaciousness of Ford Figo? Nah…Encourage job offer conversations? Not really… Bose on few things he will not be seen doing @Goafest

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Updated: Apr 5, 2013 9:58 PM
It's time for Goaaaaaaaaaa: Pratap Bose : Goafest 2013

I was trying to reason which was the better or more appropriate phrase for Goafest… ‘Expect the unexpected’ or ‘Just what you unexpected’.

After three Diet Cokes, l think the former is more like the Queen’s English but you know what…that wasn’t my line anyway! That’s also when the junior copywriter sitting next to me said “Boss who the #@*k gives a #@*k…we are going to Goaaaa!”

At once, I decided to stop being a prude and acknowledged that it was indeed time for Goaaaafest again, and since the junior brood was soooo looking forward to it, nothing else mattered.

While I’m writing this article, my anxious secretary suggests that I take a 5.40AM flight on the Conclave day, as I might not reach on time if I take one at noon. After a grueling first quarter this year, I have decided that it’s certainly not something that I would do this year (Sorry Sonal, I will be late for the creative review).

As for the other things that I will not do this year at Goafest, and in no particular order are:
? Stand in the sun for more than 10 minutes even with a 50 SPF suntan block
? Talk about the spaciousness of the Ford Figo
? Encourage job offer conversations
? Use the Cannes rating system to argue with the media folk as to who this year’s winners are
? Drink Jack Daniels mixed with Feni at 3AM
? Lose my chappals in the ebbing waves at 4AM
? Have team camaraderie get-togethers (i.e. 2nd quarter revenue target meetings)
? Ogle at the PYTs during the rain dance
? Bring my camera to shoot the wild animals

If you really wanted to know what I intend to do at Goafest…well I really cant tell you that in the public and printed domain, unless you get me drunk on Day 1. What I will be doing is wearing my trademark bright, colourful floral shirts as they make for great pictures that get printed on the morning breakfast tables.

At a recent industry function, there was a lot of talk about who would walk away with the honours this year…after all, Goafest is about the ABBY. So before Sonali Krishna gets you the news, let me tell you who I think the big winners will be…

For the number one and two slots, me thinks it is between Leo Burnett and McCann and for the next two slots, it’s between Taproot and JWT. Either way, I think these four agencies would constitute the Top 4. Any wagers on that?

A case of champagne from IMPACT would be nice in case I am right, right?

Well ad folks, it’s another year…another Goafest. It’s time again to have fun in the searing sun, time to catch up with long lost friends and hopefully exchange new business cards. Time to win some or lose some (metals) but above all stay safe, be respectful and may the force be with you.

P.S. I was told to be free spirited while writing this article and use the advertising lingo liberally, so Mom if you read this…do pardon thy son.

The author is Chief Operating Officer, DDB Mudra Group

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