#FutureProof: @superstarrajini vs @SrBachchan; Twitter tales of two superstars

Rohit Bansal remarks on Rajnikanth's phenomenal Twitter debut, candidly analysing the creative Twitter handles of Rajinikanth and Amitabh Bachchan

e4m by Rohit Bansal
Updated: May 8, 2014 8:46 AM
#FutureProof: @superstarrajini vs @SrBachchan; Twitter tales of two superstars

Rajini Sir is already past the 3,00,000 mark.

In just two days since he debuted on the microblogging site Monday, that’s a mind-numbing count.

But look at it from the Tamil superstar’s own exalted standards – the little twitter bird is supposed to be following him, you see! – deceleration is evident already.

Following on the handle seems to havepeaked at 215,000 in the first 24 hours.

Yes, 215,000 makes @srbachchan’s debut look insignificant (only 37,500 folks had begun following the Big B on his first day out in May 2010). But the increase is only 85,000 follows on the second day.

On a low statistical base like this one, let me stick my neck out on Rajinikanth vs. Amitabh Bachchan.

Notwithstanding Rajini leaving behind what’s perhaps an unbeatable debut in the Indian twitter sweepstakes, Bachchan’s smoothly compiled aggregate of 86,00,000 looks unlikely to be eclipsed.

There’s a simple reason behind my readiness to be roasted by Rajini fans.

Bachchan tweets and connects at a personal level.

In contrast, Rajini seems to have employed some robots!

So, their tweets, three in all so far, looked cute on Monday and parts of Tuesday, when all I had to do was to follow @superstarrajini and get an instant reply:“Salutation to the Lord. Va?akkam a?aivarukkum !! A big thank you to all my fans. Excited on this digital journey,” the tweet linked to a youtube video, http://goo.gl/hyuvZx.

But the gimmick began to look tacky as the day wore.

At this rate on creativity, your man isn’t just going to lose out to @srbachchan, but @iamsrk at 75,00,000.

Twitter for mega personalities isn’t just a number anyway. It is their ability to create engagement.

So, Bachchan seems to send out something nice and fresh every day. Be it poetry of Harivansh Rai Bachchan, his illustrious father,or a poignant thought or RT, reflecting innate intelligence and a light touch.

In contrast, and the creativity they have displayed as of date, Rajini’s minders may soon have to come down to paraphrasing jokes that have endeared him to non-Tamil audiences.

What a pity that would be –‘Thalaivar’ as he is called was better off never having endorsed a single product!

That said, an entire bunch of us is planning to try ‘Kochdaiiyaan’ in the weekend. And our business is because of this twitter thing!

(The columnist works at the intersect of strategy, media and regulation on RIL. The views are personal. Tweets @therohitbansal).

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