Creativity, awards and advertising

Awards are a fantastic platform where a debutante can compete with a pro and beat him, says Amit Sharma, Director, Chrome Pictures

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Updated: May 2, 2012 7:48 PM
Creativity, awards and advertising

The process of a creative function begins with finding your belief. One needs to dive deep into his own self and discover the things that he truly believes in. Only then can he justify the path he treads. The most challenging part for any creative person is to bring out the desired emotions from its audience. That won’t happen unless your piece of work strikes the right cord. If your vision misses the point even by a whisker, all the effort goes in vain. The margin for error is non-existent.

There are many facets to creativity. But one of the many hard truths about it is the fact that you can’t be in the field of creativity if you can’t handle rejection. Every good creative person – writers, art directors, photographers or directors have gone through this phase and have emerged victorious. And the best way to do this is by being persistent. I kill my own ideas if I think there is scope to do better. This persistence is the fuel of every creative person. You ask any award winning writer how many drafts he wrote before he arrived at the winning piece. Or ask any director the number of treatments he discarded before he found his eureka moment. No wonder then, if such efforts receive recognition, it gives a huge boost to the creator. That recognition could be an award or a compliment – it means a lot. Awards, especially, are springboards that make the world stand up and take notice. It encourages the person and firms his faith in himself. The fear of failure vanishes and the bar is raised.

It holds more truth for people of the advertising fraternity. The advertising market is a cluttered place. Every year new agencies and production houses are sprouting up. Today we have a sleuth of options even for niche projects. So how does one make space for himself? That’s where awards come into picture. It’s a fantastic platform where a debutante can compete with a pro who has been in the field for a decade and yet beat him. It keeps the creative guys on their toes and pushes the limits. As a result, the standards are constantly moving up. The ad folks are driven by awards. It’s an integral part of the year’s agenda. So it’s a natural behaviour to think out of the box on every project and try to outdo your previous best.

For a director deadline is sacrosanct. And often you are crunched for time. So to come up with an innovative execution is one thing and pulling it off is another. That’s why pre-planning is imperative. A director should have every frame clear in his head as well as the overall feel of the film. If there’s even a hint of doubt in his mind, it will show in the final result.

Lastly, every creative person must enjoy what he does. The work should be the first love. It’s a tough business, like any subjective field. People are out there to criticize you but your work should shut them rather than anything else.

The author is Director, Chrome Pictures

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