Rewind 2013: Top five digital campaigns that created a buzz

Be it Lifebuoy's social message, Dove's 'Real Beauty Sketches', Van Damme's famous 'split' or Google's emotional peg - digital campaigns were at the forefront of creativity in 2013

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Updated: Dec 30, 2013 10:07 AM
Rewind 2013: Top five digital campaigns that created a buzz

It is often said that “Choice of a right direction leads to a romantic ending”. The right choice for every brand today is to be on the digital medium and successfully monetise its benefits. This medium is becoming a preferred choice for marketers as they give the brand instant feedback and the opportunity to tweak things prior to heavier investments on other advertising channels. The year 2013 witnessed some clutter-breaking ideas on this platform.

To name a few, Coca-Cola attempted to ease the animosity between India and Pakistan through vending machines in which people from both the countries could interact with each other. The video went viral and caught everybody’s attention. Cadbury 5 Star’s online campaign, #NoHardFillings, took the humour route to announce 5 Star’s ‘soft’ variant. The campaign gained a lot of traction online. The Old Spice Mantastic Man with Milind Soman became an instant hit online as it talked about masculinity with a pinch of humour. The Kit Kat Dancing Babies with an infectious track attracted huge viewership on YouTube. Living up to the promise of ‘Take Care’, Garnier Men initiated the ‘PowerLight A Village’ campaign in collaboration with Project Chirag with an aim to light up hundreds of rural households in India that are without electricity. The brand released a digital film that received immense response online.

There were many other path-breaking digital campaigns that garnered eyeballs. exchange4media lists the Top 5 digital videos that created buzz during the year and attracted huge viewership.

Help a child reach 5 through Lifebuoy
Every year, 2 million children fail to reach their fifth birthday because of diseases such as diarrhoea and pneumonia, when the simple act of handwashing can help erase this tragedy. The lifesaving mission of Lifebuoy to spread the importance of good handwashing habits around the world and, most importantly, a mission that will help more children reach their fifth birthday is one of the most popular brand videos online. The campaign’s launch was marked with a groundbreaking three-minute film done by Lowe Lintas about the importance of handwashing. The idea has been executed brilliantly through the film with an appropriate location and characters.

Watch the video here…

The real beauty of Dove
Believing in the philosophy of Confucius that “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it”, Dove created a campaign titled ‘Real Beauty Sketches’, which showed women that they are more beautiful than they think. The campaign was based on the insight that women are their own worst beauty critics. The campaign was a web hit with the video being viewed by millions. Dove struck the right chords by touching the emotions of women and it was a brilliant marketing move. Women supported this campaign because it goes beyond the selling motive, with the product not even talked about once throughout the video. It was a realistic campaign with non-model looking women and a great idea that can run across different formats, age groups and profiles.

Watch the film here…

The epic split of Volvo with Van Damme
The famous ‘split’ done by Hollywood action star Jean-Claude Van Damme for Volvo Trucks went viral in no time and garnered huge response online. In the video, Van Damme is seen carrying out the split while standing on the rear-view mirrors of two parallel trucks reversing on a highway. The film has been designed to show the stability of Volvo’s steering. The film has been executed very well and the stunt in the video became a talking point among the social-media community.

Watch the famous ‘split’ video here…

Reuniting emotions through Google
Many families and friends parted ways overnight during the Partition, and the Google film is a reflection of the many stories of reunion – where human passion and hope overcame time and borders. Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, the film has moved hearts because of the wonderful execution. It is meant for people who still don’t know what Google is, and what people can do with its search capability. The product is perfectly embedded in the ad and the whole idea of showcasing the supreme features of the search engine has been brought alive. The brand has managed to strike up a conversation to showcase the different uses of Google through the lead film and the other short films. It is a striking film by the brand with an extremely emotional plot, brilliant characters and perfect product placement.

Watch the Google ‘Reunion’ film here…

Visit mum through British Airways
Giving an unforgettable surprise to every mother, British Airways launched a heart-warming commercial, titled ‘A ticket visit to mum’, which highlighted the true story of eternal love between a mother and her son. The five-minute video created by Ogilvy & Mather, New York sought to promote the routes offered by British Airways from North America to India, with special focus on making travelling easier. Motherhood is near to divinity, and showcasing the utmost care, love and affection between a mother and her son in an airline ad is a powerful idea. The ad evoked emotions and highlighted the pain through a real-life story, which was very engaging. The brand took a bold step by adopting a localised tune. The insight adopted by the brand, that home-cooked food and family memories are powerful motivators in making the final decision to book a trip, came out very well through the ad. The glimpse of the local flavours of the city and the use of real-life characters established immediate connect with the target audience.

Watch the film here…

These online ads have only increased the thirst for more brilliant campaigns in the coming year. It will be interesting to see what our ad fraternity turns up with to better the digital offerings of 2013…

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