IPL4’11: Did World Cup steal the glory? Ratings and more...

Has IPL4 lived up to the ratings test? exchange4media takes a closer look at the ratings scorecard...

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Updated: May 13, 2011 8:25 AM
IPL4’11: Did World Cup steal the glory? Ratings and more...

Three more matches to go until the top eight delve into the Quarter leg of the season, IPL 4 is poised to pick up speed at the ratings counter too. But the ratings speak a different tale...

The numbers have rolled in by TAM Media Research’s Sports division, TAM Sports for up to Match 49 played by teams Mumbai Indians and the Delhi Daredevils, where the former took a beating and lost bringing their total score at 8 wins of 11 games.

Top 5 teams so far...


In the past week, for the audience parameter of CS 4+ in the six metro markets, interest levels peaked during the match between MI and Pune Warriors with the match ratings running up to 5.39 TVR. The last match of week played on Sunday between MI and DD scored a rating of 4.95, while the week opened with Kolkata Knight Riders playing Deccan Chargers, a match that garnered ratings up to 4.30 TVR. The match played between teams DC and DD managed a 4.17 match TVR but the rest of the matches ranged from 2 to 3 TVR.

IPL 1, 2, 3! 4...
In comparison to the earlier seasons, in terms of ratings, this season has taken a fair beating. In pure numbers, the average of the match ratings at this point in the season when compared to earlier seasons is much lower. While the cause for this may be many and have their own share of arguments to support them, the clear picture is that at 49 matches down, IPL Season 3 commanded the highest so far average match rating of 5.29 TVR. This season has merely managed an average of 3.94 TVR while IPL 1 amassed a rating of 5.24 TVR, followed by the second season, IPL 2 at 4.49 TVR, as shown in the table below.


Comparing Averages

* In IPL1 one match was abandoned due to rain
* In IPL2 two matches were abandoned due to rain
* In IPL4 one match was abandoned due to rain

Source: TAM Sports
Market: 6 Metros
TG: CS 4+
Channel: MAX

Hot or Not?
Ignoring the elephants at the table, primarily the heavy duty marketing, the high entertainment dosage with celebrities smiling their ‘pretty’ smiles the High Definition and LED TVs in homes, why have the ratings not soared high for the IPL this season?

The reasons can be many.
In the middle phase of the season, while the quarters are yet to set in, the interest levels have seen a decline rather than hit new highs. Is the country sitting happy on a much cherished World Cup win and cricket reached a fatigue point? Has the tournament lost its spark? Are new teams not matching up to the seasoned experience that older teams have acquired?

We will only know as the tournament pulls into the meaty portion of its offering – the upcoming Quarter finals. Until then, keep watching!

Top 10 rated matches so far... (up to Match 49)


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